Engaging Title: “Tomasz Wojewoda’s Strategic Move to Propel Match Chain’s Blockchain Growth”

May 18, 2024

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Tomasz Wojewoda Joins Match Chain as Chief Strategy Officer


Tomasz Wojewoda, former BNB Chain Head of Growth, brings over 20 years of experience to Match Chain as their new Chief Strategy Officer. His expertise in cloud solutions and Web3 infrastructure will be instrumental in driving the platform’s growth and positioning as a prominent Layer 1 blockchain.


Tomasz Wojewoda, known for his leadership roles at Microsoft and Chainlink, has joined Match Chain to spearhead strategic initiatives and enhance ecosystem growth. His focus on onboarding Web2 users and launching the chain underscores his commitment to advancing Match Chain’s position in the blockchain industry.

Main Points

Tomasz’s role as Chief Strategy Officer involves shaping Match Chain’s future, driving user acquisition through the chain launch, and capitalizing on the platform’s strengths in onboarding Web2 users. His experience in go-to-market strategies and Web3 adoption will play a crucial role in advancing Match Chain’s strategic positioning and growth within the blockchain sector.


Match Chain, a scalable blockchain utilizing the PoS consensus mechanism, emphasizes decentralization and data ownership. Through products like Match Hub and Match ID, the platform offers solutions for decentralized identity and data privacy, empowering users in a Web3 ecosystem. Tomasz Wojewoda’s appointment signifies a significant milestone for Match Chain’s future development and strategic direction.