Engaging Title: “Worldcoin Foundation’s Disappointment Spurs Market Impact in Hong Kong”

May 23, 2024

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Worldcoin Foundation Disappointed Over Hong Kong Ban


The Worldcoin Foundation expresses disappointment over Hong Kong authorities’ decision to ban its data collection efforts, citing privacy violations. The project emphasizes its commitment to legal compliance and high standards for privacy protection.


The Worldcoin Foundation faced backlash as Hong Kong’s Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data halted its data collection activities in the region. Allegations of excessive image collection and lack of user information led to the ban, prompting Worldcoin to defend its practices.

Main Points

  • The PCPD in Hong Kong accused Worldcoin of unnecessary and excessive collection of facial and iris images from residents, citing inadequate user information.
  • Worldcoin emphasizes adherence to legal regulations and privacy standards globally, aiming to lead in privacy protection for the AI era through advanced technological measures.
  • The project expressed disappointment over the ban, similar to its reaction to Spain’s data protection agency, impacting the WLD token’s market performance.
  • WLD experienced a 5% drop in value as the controversy unfolded, reflecting broader market trends with other digital assets facing losses.


Despite Worldcoin’s efforts to uphold privacy standards and comply with regulations, the ban in Hong Kong has led to market repercussions for the WLD token. The project’s response to regulatory challenges will shape its future actions and potential legal measures against such restrictions.