Enough 2 Keep Going: Episode #50 – 2017 v 2018, Dearth of Games & the Decline of the Single-Player Experience

Jun 19, 2018

Enough 2 Keep Going. Grown-ups who game. Despite all of the good news that appeared to come out of E3, going into it, there was a pall across the industry that we are not convinced has lifted. There is still the burgeoning and increasing chase for that Battle Royal dolla’. And while some devs are answering the call to arms to defend the single-player experience, we’re not sure they ar the majority. Let’s break this down and let it all out. Enough 2 Keep Going. Grown-ups who game.

We’d also ask you to bear with us as we are experimenting with different recording technologies as backdrops to Google Hangouts and so there might be some jankiness, as we want to experiment but also continue to deliver content without missing an episode (while also doing this between the hours of 9PM and 5AM and not getting paid). Thanks and Salut!

There is an audio mix balance issue here which I figured out how to fix in our OBS setup after the fact, so it should be correct in this coming Thursday’s news show and beyond. We do apologize and appreciate your patience with us.