Chang My Mind #21: Dark Phoenix Disappointment

Jun 19, 2019

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In Episode 21, Wesley and Nick talk about the meh movie that is Dark Phoenix. Where did it fall short and where did it succeed (37:00)? But before that, the two discuss Geek’s Worldwide report of the potential villains in Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’ movie, FOX’s idea of an X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover back in 2010 and what is all this Spider-Man social media hype (6:54)?

Nick covers “No One Left To Fight #1” in this week’s Comic Book Minute (18:02) while Wesley brings in resident Kardashian expert Julia Amaral to talk about OJ Simpson and his latest tweets in Stay Woke of the Week (23:07). They close the show with a new spin on 2v1 (1:20:29) and What’s On Your Mind (1:26:29).

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