Everett’s Best of 2014 List

Dec 16, 2014

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Even though I’m the Associate Editor of the Comics section here at Geeks With Wives, that doesn’t mean I don’t delve into all the other genres of geek culture like everyone else! I probably spend 90% of my free time playing games and watching TV/movies, and the other 10% reading comics/books, so I have a pretty informed opinion on some of my picks. Some of my picks may be echoed by my fellow writers here at Geeks With Wives, but I know I have a few picks that will be slightly unique!

Best TV Show of the Year: The Newsroom (Season 3)

the-newsroom-the-complete-first-season-dvd-cover-05Usually if someone were to ask me my favorite _____ of all time, in most cases I’d have to take a few minutes to think of the right answer, but if you ask me my favorite TV show not just of 2014 but of all time I’d respond The Newsroom in a heartbeat. It wins the whole 2014 category though because Season 3 was incredible. You may be wondering why a show like this is on a geeks list, but we can’t forget that political junkies and “newsies” are geeks in their own right, and this geek loves him some politics. Written and created by West Wing writer/creator Aaron Sorkin, this last season was about 3-4 episodes shorter than the other two, because Sorkin decided it would be the last season ever. A total of six episodes (the series finale airing this past Sunday) this season packed so much more intensity and emotion in it than the first two seasons combined. At times I was laughing and towards the end I, a 27 year old man, was weeping like a baby. This show touched me in a way that I won’t forget for the rest of my days. If you haven’t watched this HBO series, you can find the first 2 seasons on DVD with the third probably coming out next year.

*Runner Up: The Flash

guardians-candykillerBest Movie of the Year: Guardians of the Galaxy

No surprise here. Casey summed this movie up pretty well in his list so I won’t go into detail, but like him I’ve been a Guardians fan long before this movie was even a thought in James Gunn’s noggin. It was almost unbearable waiting for this film to come out, and when it did come out it didn’t disappoint. Besides them ruining any chance for a Nova appearance or solo film, this movie was definitely the best thing to come out this year!

*Runner Up: Lucy

Divinity_Original_Sin_coverBest Game of the Year: Divinity Original Sin

For anyone who has subscribed to the Geeks With Wives YouTube channel, this isn’t a surprise for you. I just recently started this game, but I have been totally engrossed in this game and can’t stop playing it. It takes after the traditional table top RPG games in style and story, delivering a much needed break from all of the fast paced button mashers put out this year. Turn based combat may be old school, but it’s what I grew up with and still love to this day. This game came out in the summer of 2014, got great reviews, but was slightly overlooked because of everyone being on vacation and playing next gen consoles. Check this one out on Steam.

*Runner Up: Hearthstone

1swD0W2Best Cosplay of the Year: Karin Olava as Nebula

Ever since I saw this incredible Norwegian cosplayer dressed up as Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy, I’ve been trying to get an interview with her to no success, but she still wins my pick because of how incredible and dedicated to cosplay she is. You can just tell by her other outfits that she loves cosplay and is damn good at it too. She was at the Stockholm Comic Con and I missed meeting her in person by one day, but since I’m from neighboring Sweden, I’m sure I’ll get another chance. Check her out by searching for Karin Olava Effects.

*Runner Up: Stephen Herron as Captain America

Spider-Verse_003Best Comic of the Year: Spider-Verse Event

So I’m kind of cheating here because I’m choosing a whole event for my top comic of 2014, but really every comic in the Spider-verse event has been incredible. Expect to see the trade collection of this event in my 2015 list. Dan Slott has created my absolute dream series in Spider-Verse. As someone who grew up loving Spider-Man in all his incarnations, and watching them create new Spiders over my lifetime, this event is mind blowing seeing them all come together. Now if it can just end with Prodigy shoving his fist through Solus’s skull, I’ll die a happy comic book nerd.

*Runner Up: Injustice: Year Two-Three

Best Book of the Year: Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson

WordsOfRadiance_Cover-1If you’ve never heard of The Stormlight Archives book series and you’re a fan of epic fantasy, you need to stop what you’re doing and go out and find The Way of Kings (book 1) and read it immediately. Words of Radiance is part 2 in this book series, and frankly, it’s one of the best fantasy stories out there. Sanderson does world building like it’s nobody’s business and creates magic systems so complex, that even after 2000 pages you’re still learning new things about both. This book had my heart pounding with adrenaline during some of the fights and my brain whizzing trying to figure out the mysteries. I recommend this book (and the first part The Way of Kings) to anyone.

*Runner Up: Never Go Back/Persuader by Lee Child (Jack Reacher novels)

Most Anticipated Geek Event of 2015: Avengers: Age of Ultron

I’m not sure how this wouldn’t be anyone else’s most anticipated for 2015. I mean, you all saw the trailer right? With the Pinocchio music and the Hulkbuster suit? Hell, that trailer almost won best movie in my list and that’s just the trailer! I absolutely can’t wait for this movie. Will be there midnight showing, wearing my marvel t-shirt, about to pee myself in excitement. See you there.

*Runner Up: Star Wars: The Force Awakens