Exciting Aleph Zero Launch: Dive into Web3 Ecosystem with Alephoria

May 17, 2024

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Aleph Zero Launches Alephoria: Exciting Airdrops, Tournaments, and Rewards Await Users

Aleph Zero Launches Alephoria: Exciting Airdrops, Tournaments, and Rewards Await Users


Alephoria, an initiative by Aleph Zero, welcomes web3 users to its ecosystem with various campaigns as projects emerge, offering a range of rewards and activities.


Aleph Zero, a privacy-oriented layer 1 blockchain, is introducing the Alephoria campaign to attract new users and engage them with airdrops and promotional activities within the expanding ecosystem.

Main Points

Dozens of teams are actively developing innovative solutions on Aleph Zero, focusing on areas such as DeFi, web3 identity, liquid staking, RWA tokenization, content creation, and gaming. The blockchain’s speed, powered by the AlephBFT consensus mechanism, and its data confidentiality engine make it appealing to users, developers, enterprises, and regulators worldwide.

AZERO, the native coin of the ecosystem, offers utility by enabling developers to create new products and providing benefits to holders through campaigns and rewards. Staking AZERO allows users to earn rewards directly in the coin and partake in ecosystem-wide airdrop campaigns.

The Common Drops campaign, launching alongside Common AMM, offers users the opportunity to stake and earn rewards, with rewards increasing based on stake duration. Additionally, Common LP Drops reward users engaged in liquidity farming, aligning with Common’s vision of enhancing trading efficiency and confidentiality.


Alephoria presents a gateway for users to explore the expanding ecosystem through various campaigns and projects like DRKVRS, Abax, Upcade, Kintsu, and The Commoners. Aleph Zero aims to provide a fast, confidential, and developer-friendly blockchain for a wide range of web3 applications and sectors, supported by an active community and growing ecosystem.