EXCLUSIVE: ‘Adam Strange’ TV Series In Development At DC

Oct 1, 2019

Exclusive: now that ‘Krypton’ is over, work is already underway on a series featuring the time traveling archaeologist Adam Strange. 

I’ve learned the character initially had a movie in development but plans have shifted away from that towards “Strange Adventures” an anthology type show that could follow the character to different periods and places across the DC Universe. It will likely be a new version of the character and not the one played by Shaun Sipos on ‘Krypton’. No word yet on where the series will land but HBO Max is the most obvious spot. 

Speaking of ‘Krypton’, I can confirm that Warner Bros. is pushing JJ Abrams to direct a DC project, with Superman, Green Lantern, and Justice League at the top of the list. 

Adam Strange first appeared in Showcase #17, where he discovered a “Zeta-Beam” that transported him to the planet Rann. Since then, Strange has gone on to appear in many major DC crossovers that involve him adventuring all over the cosmos. Batman comic writer and ‘New Gods’ movie co-writer Tom King is currently working on a new Adam Strange comic book series also dubbed “Strange Adventures” that will begin releasing sometime next year. 

Bleeding Cool first mentioned that “Strange Adventures” had been trademarked by DC for TV entertainment purposes.