EXCLUSIVE: Audition Tapes Leak For Leads Connor & Murphy in ‘The Boondock Saints: Origins’ TV Series

Apr 19, 2018


Early last it was announced by Entertainment Weekly that screenwriter Troy Duffy was setting up a crowdfunded account in order to bring the 1999 classic The Boondock Saints to television. The original film starred Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus as Connor and Murphy  MacManus. Two Irish brothers taking on the mob in the streets of Boston. The upcoming series would be an origin story on the two brothers and be titled The Boondock Saints: Origins.  Duffy added:

“Television series is the perfect medium for storytelling inside the world of our beloved blue-collar superheroes. The brothers have always been defenders of the people, justice, fairness and the city of Boston. In this sensitive time of human rights unrest, government scandal and civil corruption, there couldn’t be a better moment to re-launch the brothers iconic brand of justice in the Cradle of Democracy.”

Now we at Omega Underground have uncovered that casting has indeed begun for the two lead brothers Connor and Murphy. The role of Murphy is read by Ian Phillips. The role of Connor is read by a slew of actors like Riley Suter (Sugar!) Corrin Thomas (Good Bye), Matt Beveridge (Scare School) and newcomer Taylor Brooks.



:: Scene 1 ::

Connor -What?

Murphy - Why shouldn’t we go over there and have a little peak?

Connor - Over where?

Have you seen this:

Murphy - At Peabody. Like you said. It could be all bullshite. Well, why don’t we have a look?

Connor -Yeah, lets take the dumbest idea our dip shit friend ever had to the next level. You wanna go on a stake out now? Are you even listening to yourself.

Murphy - You know. It just hit me when you said that.”Stake out”. It could be fun! And besides what’s the harm in having a look first.

Connor - First?! What’s second.

Murphy - Well…Nothing. I don’t know.

Connor - Oh Jesus. What do you think your gonna see huh?

Murphy - I don’t know! We could see some shite. Confirm some shite.

Connor - The only thing you can confirm is that there is some guy living in a house in Peabody.

Murphy - Then what’s the big deal?

Connor - What did we say huh? We live in the background here. Quiet as church mice. Stop talking about this. This is crazy. You sound fucking crazy. This shite is hard enough without you going off the rails on us.

Murphy - TJ Hooker went out on stakeouts with us.

Connor - Shut up and no he didn’t. He was a beat cop.

Murphy - Well Corjack did.

Connor - No, Corjack was a private eye. Now would you shut it and work?!

Murphy - That bald prick did the stakeouts.

:: Scene 2 ::

Murphy - What did you do with it?

Have you seen this:
Russell Crowe Joins the Cast of 'Thor: Love And thunder'

Connor - I threw it over the long fellow.

Murphy –  Fuck! Why? We could have used it in case something happens.

Connor - It’s done!

Murphy - Oh that was fucking stupid. What if something goes arseways?

Connor - We go in there with a gun and you want to put this man in the dark. I got a feeling you’d make damn sure something went arseways.

Murphy - This guy is twenty fucking one. All muscle coming down on ya.

Connor - The bigger they are we are going in without a net. That’s it!

Murphy - We could have sold it. Ya know? At least gotten the money shite. There’s your parking beans again.

Connor - Oh he can’t have his little guns so he’s gonna start knocking me signature dead.

Murphy - Oh, my apologizes. Someday you must have shared your secret. I mean it can’t just be hot dogs and a can of beans no. There must be some special shit going on in there.

Connor - What do you got tonight?

Murphy. Phase 2. Poking holes. I’ll see ya.

Connor - You don’t want any supper?

Murphy - I think I’ll go with a barley shake. There. Both came fuck.

Connor - Go slow with him.

Murphy - Yeah yeah.

The Boondock Saints: Origins TV Series has not been picked  up by a network or streaming service

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