EXCLUSIVE: Audition Tapes Leak For ‘Swamp Thing’ Leads Alec and Abby

May 30, 2018


Earlier today our friends over at That Hashtag Show revealed that a casting call has gone out for the leads in DC’s upcoming streaming series Swamp Thing. They revealed that the two leads would be for lead roles of Alec Holland and Abby Arcane.

Abby Arcane, is a 30-something intelligent woman, who is a bit of a lone wolf. She works for the Center for Disease Control who ends up assigning her to investigate the “Houma Flu”, which happens to be in her hometown. Abby’s tragic past consists of losing her mother when she was only 8 years old and in turn, ended up making her move between multiple foster families. Once she was done with high school, she left Houma to pursue her dream of developing a medical career. While she performs well with her job, she has a bit of a power struggle with her employer. There is a tragic reason why Abby left Houma to begin with, that she keeps a secret and it has caused her to develop a pill addiction.

Alec Holland, is a 30-something wise man, with a hot temper and a big passion for his work as a researcher for the Sunderland Corporation. The company is seemingly building a hospital in Houma. When Abby Arcane returns to the town to investigate the Houma flu, Alec forms an instant bond with her, he discovers that they are very similar people. Both being incredibly invested in science and not caring too much about having a love life. Alec discovers that there is a connection between the Houma flu and the swamp, which is making the people in town hostile with him as well. Despite the bad attitude he gets from the citizens, Alec is determined to get to the bottom of this flu. However, things go haywire when Alec is put through an odd transformation in the form of a swamp-like creature with extraordinary abilities.

Now we at Omega Underground can corroborate their story with several audition tapes leaked for the roles of Alec and Abby. The tapes are of the same scene from both Alec and Abby’s perspective. It confirms that Alec is an extraordinary scientist obsessed with their hometown swamp. While Abby is trying to find a cure for a biological epidemic. Actress Alex McKenna (Haunted, The Legend of Korra) reads for the part of Abby. While Joshua Close (Fargo) reads for the role of Alec.


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Off-Screen Abby - “Son of a bitch, if this is you pulling some science nerd prank”

Alec - “Wait you got a reaction?”

Off-Screen Abby - “30 seconds and I had fungal mass busting the seams of a glove box”

Alec - “Wait, really?”

Off-Screen Abby -“What exactly are you doing here Holland?

Alec - “Umm, according to the perspecsys? Well, uh, Woodrow got funding from this underling trough to complete his study on biological organisms native to their Houma swamps. And it’s uh Alec.”

Off-Screen Abby - “Ok. Alec. Now pretend I didn’t read  the brochure.”

Alec - “Same basic deal but I’m finding monomorphic cellular activity is not making sense.”

Off-Screen Abby -“Monomorphic. Is that even a word?”

Alec -“I mean who cares?  I’m talking about new organisms that are evolving into new more sophisticated forms. And not in Darwin’s centuries but ours.”

Off-Screen Abby -“And how is this still a secret?”

Alec - “Because scientific method requires more than me saying ‘Look over here!’ and these mutations. Processes. Are just slippery.”

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Off-Screen Abby -“Wait, so the sample you handed me earlier”

Alec - “Was one thing this morning and will be another thing by tonight. Yes.”

Off-Screen Abby -“Makes it pretty tough to pin down any specific markers”

Alec - “I mean it makes it impossible but given the gore fest you saw I’m pretty sure that this is connected to your outbreak.”

Off-Screen Abby -“Ok, that’s a lot.”

[Alec looks away]

Alec - “It’s quite a view. It’s hard to believe we all came from a place like this.”

Off-Screen Abby - “I grew up in  Houma. I use to always think I could find the beauty in it.”

Alec - “But now?”

Off-Screen Abby - “Right now all I can think about is that sick girl”

Alec “You know these mutations are more than just a disease. One strain it can cause a fever or the next it can cure Alzheimer’s”

Off-Screen Abby - “….or it could be the next Ebola or Dengue fever. We aren’t talking about beach front. This is 900,000 acres of cesspool. I’m sorry I don’t have time to romanticize about this place.”

Alec “…and I couldn’t do this if I didn’t”

Swamp Thing will stream exclusively on DC Universe


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