Exclusive: Catwoman, Batgirl, & Doctor Trap Set to Make Their Debut in Season 2 of ‘Harley Quinn’

Jan 17, 2020

The GWW has exclusively learned that three new characters will be appear in the second season of DC Universe’s ‘Harley Quinn.’ The characters consist of Catwoman, Batgirl, and Doctor Trap.

Catwoman (Selina Kyle) uses her nine lives to walk the razor’s edge between light and darkness in Gotham City. Infamous burglar Selina Kyle is certainly one of the most iconic characters in the DC Universe—not because she’s a superhero, per se, but because she’s so good at stumping them. Motivated partly by her own self-interest, partly by the fun of it all, Catwoman has been baffling Gotham City’s heroes, both masked and unmasked, from the very beginning. She will be voiced by Sanaa Lathan (‘The Affair,’ ‘The Twilight Zone’).

Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) redefined what it meant to be a self-made hero when she crafted her own costume and joined Batman’s crusade right under her father’s nose. Barbara Gordon has always existed between two worlds: her life at home as the only daughter of Police Commissioner James Gordon and her life swinging from gargoyles as an associate of the Dark Knight and a founding member of the Birds of Prey. A genius-level hacker and information broker and an expert martial artist, Babs has, like her namesake, proven to be a fierce survivor, and one of Gotham’s most cherished protectors. Briana Cuoco, Kaley Cuoco’s sister, will lend her voice in the series.

Doctor Trap was once Larry Trapp, a man who lost his beloved girlfriend Caroline Anders who was killed in the crossfire of a battle between The Justice Experience and their enemies, The House of Pain. He blamed all the parties involved for her death and swore revenge on them all. He later went about trapping and killing various members of both teams including the leader of the Justice Experience, Walter Chase, who was known as The Acro-Bat. He killed Chase by ripping out his throat with his cybernetic jaws and left him on his kitchen floor for his family to find.

These three characters are not the only characters to join the upcoming season though, you can expect many more new faces from all over the DC Universe (including even outer-space)!

The adult animated series premiered on November 29, 2019, on DC Universe, with a 13-episode first season (currently airing). The show is written and executive produced by Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker, and Dean Lorey and follows the misadventures of Harley Quinn and her best friend and partner in crime, Poison Ivy, after leaving her ex-boyfriend the Joker.