EXCLUSIVE: Danny The Street And Darren Jones To Appear In ‘Doom Patrol’ Show

Dec 15, 2018

The list of characters appearing in ‘Doom Patrol’ just keeps on growing.

Now confirmed for the series is Danny the Street. The show seems to be going for a mix of the Grant Morrison and Gerard Way versions of the character. He’ll still be a street that moves around but will also infect people with his personality. Danny’s role in the show seems to largely focus on a drag queen named Morris, who Danny influences. In the comics, Danny is a sentient being who is an actual street that can move anywhere at will. Danny has a very vibrant personality and can communicate with people through signs in shop windows and typed-out messages. In the recent¬†Doom Patrol comics by Gerard Way, Danny will let his personality seep into the residents on the street, which is where the drag comes into play. The character is based on famous English-Irish drag queen Danny La Rue, which translates to ‘Danny The Street’ in English.¬†

Also set to appear is the villainous Darren Jones. In the comics, Jones is a man obsessed with destroying anything that is of a peculiar nature. Attempting to kill Danny is what brings him into contact with the Doom Patrol. It is likely that this aspect of the character will be the same for the show. 

‘Doom Patrol’ will release in February of 2019 on DC Universe.