EXCLUSIVE: ‘Doom Patrol’ Audition Tapes Confirm Flex Mentallo

Feb 14, 2019

A Hero of the Beach is coming to DC’s live action Doom Patrol series!

The GWW has obtained audition tapes for ‘Doom Patrol’ that confirm Flex Mentallo will be in the show. Brett Davis and Evan Parke are the two actors in the tapes. Since the most recent one was submitted less than a week ago, it’s likely that he won’t appear until the last few episodes.


The other audition tape is set to private, so while you can’t view it, you can read a transcription provided below.

Scene 1 


Flex: Yes indeed. And you are?

Skip: Skip.

Flex: Skip, what seems to be the trouble?

Skip: Biscuit; he went up the tree and he’s not coming down.

Flex: And Biscuit is a turtle?

Skip: Ahhh, you got me!

Flex: Well, let’s see if Biscuit is ready to come down, shall we?

Skip: Biscuit! Thank you Flex! Thank you so much! I’m never going to forget this!

Flex: Happy to help, Skip! We’ll see you around!

Scene 2

Flex: Who’s the handsome devil?

Unknown: It’s you. Does the name “Flex Mentallo” ring a bell?

Flex: I don’t know.

Unknown: How do you know Danny The Street.

Flex: I don’t know.

Unknown: What about The Chief

Flex: Did you say The Chief?

Unknown: Do you know him?

Flex: I sure do. And lemme tell you something, friends, The Chief is a no good son of a you-know-what. Who is that handsome devil?

Unknown: Still you, buddy.

Flex: Looks like the sort of person I’d like to be.

Scene 3


Dolores: Hello?

Flex: Hello.

Dolores: Young man, can you look at my *unintelligible*

Flex: Dolores…it’s you! It’s really you! It’s me, it’s Flex! I’ve missed you so much. Where have you been, Dolly?

Dolores: What did you say?

Flex: Do you remember me? Dolly, it’s Flex, your husband!

Dolores: Flex…Flex…Flex, where have you been? I’ve been looking for you everywhere!

Flex: I’m right here, Dolly, I’m right here!

Dolores: I don’t feel right.

Flex: Hold on.

Dolores: I don’t feel right.

Flex: It’s okay, I’ll get a chair. Sit down.

Dolores: No, Flex, something’s happening! Help me!

Flex: Dolores!

Dolores: Help me, what’s happening to me?! What’s happening, Flex?!

Flex: Stop! Sit down!

Dolly: Flex! Flex! Flex!

Flex: Dolly!

Scene 4 


Unknown: You have the ability to open dimensions, cloud men’s minds with a mere flex of a muscle, or save a boy’s cat from a tree. We’re very interested in you.

Flex: I want my wife! NOW!!

Unknown: If I give you you’re wife, would you considering working for us?


Unknown: You’re going to see your wife, right now.

Flex: Dolores…

Dolores: Ow. Ow ow ow.

Flex: No no no, don’t hurt her! She’s done nothing to you!

Dolores: Flex, Flex, honey I love you. I’m so scared. I’m so scared.

Unknown: Even her hair smells pretty *unintelligible*.


Dolores: He says all you have to do is call yourself 722, please Flex!

Flex: No, no, no, no, no, no, stop!

Unknown: I wonder how she smells when she’s burning!


Dolores: Flex help me!

Flex: Okay okay, I’ll do it! I’ll do it. Dolores? Bring her back. I wanna see-

Unknown: Then say it!

Flex: Flex Menta-

Unknown: No! What’s your name?

Flex: 722.

Unknown: Look at me and say it.

Flex: My name is 722.

Flex Mentallo was created by Grant Morrison and first appeared in Doom Patrol #35. Flex was a scrawny kid who liked to hang out at the beach, but was often bullied. Meeting a man with a TV for a head, he was given a pamphlet with instructions on how to become a strongman. After following them, he tripled in size and became “the hero of the beach.”

The first episode of ‘Doom Patrol’ will be released tomorrow on DC Universe.