EXCLUSIVE: Dreamworks Animation Sets ‘Meet The Gillmans’ For 2022

Jun 15, 2021

Dreamworks is back with another original film! Sources at GWW have learned that Dreamworks Animation has set Meet The Gillmans for a 2022 release. Meet The Gillmans is an upcoming coming of age animated film directed by Paul Tibbit. Pam Brady is writing the film; Chris Kuser and Christi Soper are executive producers.

The plot for Meet the Gillmans is the story of a typical teenage girl, Ruby. Growing up in a seaside town in Florida. Like all teenagers, she’s embarrassed by her family. Only in this case, Ruby has extra reason to be embarrassed; because she’s from a family of …sea monsters. No one in town knows this (the Gillmans are “different” but the locals chalk it up to them being from Canada), but poor Ruby is scared to death that someday the truth will come out. If this happened, what would become of her social life? It would be calamitous. Naturally, the truth comes out, and disaster ensues.

Dreamworks is currently casting for the film, here are the character descriptions:

Unknown role, they’ve offered Lana Condor the role and has discussed with Rachel Zegler and Brittany O’Grady.

Agatha, think Laurie Metcalf in “Lady Bird.” Tough-loving mother. Laura Dern has been offered the role. Regina King is on the short list for her. Uma Thurman has had discussions for the role.

Dad, keeper of the peace in the family. They’re interested in Michael Sheen and Ty Burrell. They have discussed with Josh Duhamel, Jimmi Simpson, Oliver Hudson.

Uncle Brill, quirky and loving uncle.

Clarica, mermaid. Annie Murphy is attached to this role.

Dreamworks Animation has recently released Trolls World Tour, with a sequel to The Boss Baby coming July 2 titled: The Boss Baby: Family Business. In my opinion, this film sounds too similar to Pixar’s recent film Luca but just American this time. Hopefully it’s just a coincidence; I wouldn’t want A Bugs Life / Antz scenario again.