Exclusive Interview With Orlando Jones: Anansi Boys, American Gods, His Termination And More!

Dec 27, 2019

After having his TV-rights held hostage and waiting until the 11th hour to tell him (via a phone call) they were going in a different direction right as they are announcing new cast members for Season 3, Orlando Jones is finally stepping up and talking about what he and a few other cast members are experiencing with Fremantle’s ‘American Gods’. He waited three months for them to publically announce that he was not going to be a part of season 3, while clips of his performances were going viral, generating buzz for the show.

We at Geeks WorldWide had the chance to interview Orlando Jones about all of this. Here’s a transcript of the interview:

GWW | Did you end up getting paid?

GWW | I don’t mind a lot of Ian McShane’s Wednesday, but not caring about characters of color isn’t only pretty racist, it also just doesn’t make sense with Shadow being the main character and where his character is headed.

That’s why in the season 2 opener, Mr. Wednesday is suddenly telling the story of American Gods. The story is supposed to be told from Shadow Moon’s perspective, not Wednesday. They didn’t write for us cause the openly say brown faces don’t sell in Europe.

GWW | Wow.
GWW | Was there ever discussions about adapting the sequel to American Gods, Anansi Boys, with you in a more prominent role? Would you do it if Gaiman asked you now?
it will. I’m not worried about it. Keep a positive attitude. We manifest what we believe, remember?
GWW | Have you checked out the social media impact the character has had in the black community and what do you want black people to take away from your performance and the character’s point of view?