EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Audition Tapes Debut For Aunt Hilda in Netflix’s ‘Sabrina’ Reboot

We at Omega Underground have been hard at work covering Netflix’s upcoming Riverdale spin-off reboot series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. We brought you a slew of audition tapes for the lead of Sabrina Spellman. As well as last week bringing you a bunch of tapes for her High School sweetheart Harvey Dinkle.

Now we are back and have a couple of tapes for Sabrina’s goofy Aunt Hilda (originally played by Caroline Rhea). We were unable to find any of her strict Aunt Zelda but once that becomes available we will be first to show you. These tapes have actress Mary Catherine Garrison (Veep) and Australian actress Gigi Edgley (Farscape) reading for the part of Hilda. In the tapes Hilda is talking to Sabrina about her decased father (and Hilda’s brother) Edward. How he wanted to become one of the most powerful warlocks in the world and become the Dark Pope. But then he fell in love with Sabrina’s mortal mother Diana:

Audition THE CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA // Aunt Hilda from Mary Catherine Garrison on Vimeo.

Aunt Hilda: Sabrina from Gigi Edgley on Vimeo.

Hilda – A bit dramatic isn’t he? Father Albertus. He means well though. 

Sabrina – How old is he Aunt Hilda?

Hilda – Couldn’t say. He’s seen the turn of two centuries at least. He was your fathers mentor you know.

Sabrina – Then dad passed him and became High Priest for him.

Hilda – Mhm. Your father was an incredibly charismatic man. People wanted to follow him wherever he went.  Especially, the ladies. Albertus has many….let’s be generous and call them charms. But your father was handsome. He could have been a movie star like cousin Montgomery. But nope he got the call very early. And as he put it…he was destined to serve the Church of Night and the Dark Lord. He knew since the age of 6 ‘I want to be an altar boy, then a priest, then a high priest and then one day I’ll be the Dark Pope and sit at the left hand of the Fallen.’ He could have had any girl in the coven! But he chose your mother. A mortal none the less. Ha! Zelda, you should have seen her. She fell off her chair when Edward told us. It was crazy. It was very scandalous. But he knew…Diana was the  only girl for him. He didn’t care what anyone said. Your just like her you know. 

Sabrina – Dad, never had any doubts about his dark baptism?

Hilda – Edward?! Oh no! Never. He couldn’t wait.

Sabrina – Did you Aunt Hilda?

Hilda – Me? Ha…it was so long ago. I can’t even remember. Sabrina…Zelda is gonna kill me. Literally kill me. When I was your age I signed my name in the book of the Beast. There was no other option for us girls back then. It was simply the way it was done. Do I have regrets? Yes. Don’t tell Aunt Zelda but some nights and some days I dream of walking into Greendale woods. In the dry season and in my hands I have two lit torches. Just so I could burn the whole forest down….Ha it’s silly talk. It’s silly. Sweet dreams Sabrina. May Satan bless you and keep you this night.

Sabrina will stream exclusively on Netflix

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