‘Fantastic Four 2’ May Still Be Coming

Aug 11, 2015

This past weekend bore one of the most talked about and horrible superhero movie adaptions of the past  decade. Josh Trank’s much talked about and feud Fantastic Four reboot finally hit screens and it was clear from the start it was butchered well into post-production. Currently sitting at a 9% on Rotten Tomatoes with only taking in around $25 Million domestically many assumed this was the end of FOX holding onto the rights to Marvel’s first family.

Now while many fans hope that the rights revert back to Marvel Studios Drew McWeeny of HitFix has reached out to his sources that indicate FOX maybe pressing forward with the already scheduled Fantastic Four sequel:

“Everything I’ve heard would indicate that the studio will move forward with a Fantastic Four sequel. It may not make that original 2017 date, but they’re definitely planning to make it.”

Now we shouldn’t forget that Sony was 100% adamant on pressing forward with their Spider-Man universe after the horrible Amazing Spider-Man 2 but ended up folding and teaming up with Marvel for another reboot. That being said Sony and Marvel were talking prior to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 about teaming up while FOX isn’t so nice at playing ball.

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It’s extremely unlikely that director Josh Trank will return to the project after all he has said about the studio as well as walking away from the Star Wars Anthology film based on Han Solo. Let’s hope next time around they simply infuse the X-Men universe into this world or simply keep most of the script intact without cutting it out in post…

Fantastic Four is in theaters now

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