FEATURE: Are We Getting ‘Invaders’ and ‘Thunderbolts’ Soon?

May 4, 2016


Captain America: Civil War is coming to theatres this week and we don’t have a solid picture of what Cap’s future will look like. We have some idea how he’ll factor into Avengers: Infinity War as both films will shoot back-to-back starting in November.

Having seen Civil War I have some ideas where they could go and this might include somewhat minor spoilers from the film, so you’ve been warned.

No matter Rogers’ fate, someone will hold the shield be it Bucky Barnes or Sam Wilson leading to more Captain America films. One way to move forward with new Cap movies could be launching The Invaders in a string of installments.

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We learned yesterday that Marvel Studios screenwriter Stephen McFeely is very interested in adapting Namor The Sub-Mariner for the cinematic universe. He just happens to be second most well known member of the team.

Marvel has teased the underwater royal a couple of times in the past.


While some might have seen the Oracle product placements in Marvel films and not thought anything of it, but Namor Mackenzie’s legitimate company shares the same name. The Oracle dome in Iron Man 2 looking a lot it could have doubled as a underwater dome. Atlantis is also said to be on Fury’s meta-human map in the film, which nodded to Wakanda too. There had also been rumors that Namor would be apart of Iron Man 3, but that was only speculation because of underwater scenes.

Namor isn’t the only Invader that we’ve seen land Easter Eggs either.


The original WWII era Human Torch, who was an android had a brief cameo in Captain America: The First Avenger. The Invaders had two fire dudes on the roster which also included Toro.


Modern era Union Jack also had a nod in Iron Man 2 with British professional racer Joey Chapman.

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I know people keep mentioning The Secret Avengers, but you have to expect that whatever Rodgers new team becomes it’ll be under the radar and the Invaders name avoids having to use the poisoned Avengers moniker after the end of Civil War, as the band is broken-up. Looking like Tony is the only person possibly willing to keep The Avengers name going.

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Jon Favreau has recently found new interest in making another superhero film and will again be an executive producer on Avengers: Infinity War. I know people are dying to see him make Iron Man 4, but I don’t think that film is really ever going to happen. Tony Stark has turned from leading hero into a profitable supporting player, with less of a workload allowing him to do more movies.

I’d personally rather see Favreau tackle something like a Sub-Mariner or an Invaders movie to be honest, as the cinematic universe is so big it feels wrong to sentence him to only making an Iron Man film. Jon is busy at the moment with Jungle Book 2, which makes it unlikely he’d be involved with most of the Phase Three films. Jon was also the one who first hinted to the character to being apart of the MCU.

I wouldn’t be terribly shocked if a Namor and The Invaders movies were one and the same. This could further help establish the differences between Namor and Aquaman films.


They could easily go after The Serpent Society (or a version with traditional Invaders villains apart of the ranks) as Feige teased them a while back and could be a nice replacement for HYDRA, which looks to be almost dead now. Perhaps, led by Ophelia Sarkissian as Marvel did right by Zemo, maybe they’ll do it again with her.

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The upcoming Ant-Man and The Wasp could also be a project that introduces The Invaders, with Hank Pym helping them to get better organized.

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Secretary Ross‘ super-max underwater prison might take issue with the Atlantians down the road, but there’s another reasoning for Thunderbolt Ross being a jailer. The creation of the group The Thunderbolts could come into play, and might be put into the field to track down Captain America after he breaks-out his cohorts.

Daniel Bruhl’s Zemo has been captured and will likely be sent to Ross’ prison, maybe given the choice to be enhanced for a reduced sentence. Ross could even tinker with himself, as he eventually becomes the Red Hulk and member of the Thunderbolts as well. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine that collared villains Emil Blonsky aka Abomination and Batroc are also under the supervision of Ross and could be inducted into the fold.

We’ve known for years that Guardians of The Galaxy‘s James Gunn has been campaigning to make  Thunderbolts movie and we don’t know for sure he’ll be back for Phase Four’s Guardians 3. Marvel doesn’t usually have directors stay on for more than two installments for a franchise, so he might be free to make that other Marvel project.

It’s really unknown if we’ll get a movie, but having them be apart of future films is very possible like Serpent Society, they’d make compelling adversaries in other films.

Forcing super criminals to become reluctant government agents happened in Civil War, but didn’t make the cut in the film. It’s not unlike Suicide Squad and could be an interesting film if we’re talking about eventually making a version of the Dark Avengers.

Do you think it’s about time that Marvel started giving us teams like The Invaders and Thunderbolts?

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