FEATURE: Ten Marvel TV Characters Who Should Appear in the Movies

Aug 16, 2015

Following the establishment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the big screen, Marvel Studios has since expanded this massive world to television. On ABC, we have Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter. On Netflix, we have Daredevil, which paves the way for upcoming shows Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders miniseries.

However, while some of the movie characters from the MCU have appeared on television – specifically ABC’s shows – none of the characters created in the TV world have since turned up in the films. While that is expected to change at some point in the next few years, the big question is, which characters should make this leap?

Below, I’ve compiled a list of ten characters who should appear in the Marvel movies sooner or later.



Matt Murdock is an obvious choice to make the leap from television to film. The star of Netflix’s Daredevil series, Murdock is a great character who has a compelling story and flawless casting in Charlie Cox. While Daredevil currently works on the street-level side of the MCU, it would be cool to see him appear in at least one Marvel movie.

Daredevil, along with his fellow Defenders, are rumored to be appearing in the two-part Avengers: Infinity War. As for other movies, a cameo in Captain America: Civil War would be great to see. I’d love to see the character’s partnership with Peter Parker explored in one of the Marvel-Sony produced Spider-Man films. And who knows, perhaps Daredevil could get his own movie again in the future, a desire that Cox expressed.



Easily one of the best additions to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. during its second season was Bobbi Morse, aka Mockingbird. Actress Adrianne Palicki is a perfect casting choice, as Morse is badass, beautiful and an all-around interesting character. During the season two finale, Morse was critically wounded after being tortured by Ward. However, assuming she does recover from her injuries and gets back into the field, I’d love to see her fight alongside other heroes and/or agents on the big screen.

Morse’s association with S.H.I.E.L.D. would make her an ideal choice to appear in a Captain America or Avengers sequel, assuming that the organization resurfaces in the films. She is also a member of various Avengers teams in the comics, making her a candidate for a new member of the big screen Avengers. Also, it would be cool to see her team up with Hawkeye, as the two are lovers in the comics. However, that probably won’t happen anytime soon, since Clint Barton has a wife and children.

The Punisher


Frank Castle is set to play a key role in Daredevil season two, played by Jon Bernthal. The Netflix series marks Punisher’s long awaited debut in the MCU. It’s hard to praise Bernthal’s Punisher since, well, we haven’t seen him yet. And while we don’t know what the future holds for Castle beyond this season – could a Punisher spin-off series happen? – he would be a great Marvel TV character to bring into the movies.

Punisher made his very first appearance in an issue of “Amazing Spider-Man.” So, seeing him and the Web-Slinger come to blows in a Spider-Man movie would be awesome. Also, Punisher had a memorable role in the “Civil War” storyline, particularly his being roughed up by Captain America. While Castle probably won’t appear in the Captain America: Civil War film, this is a relationship I’d love to see explored in future films. And, maybe Marvel will try another solo Punisher film someday, but I’d be surprised if it happened.

Luke Cage


After years of hopes and rumors regarding the character’s live action debut, Luke Cage will debut in the Jessica Jones series before headlining his own show on Netflix. He will then team up with other heroes in The Defenders. Again, we haven’t seen actor Mike Colter’s take on this “Hero for Hire” yet, so it’s hard to judge it. However, assuming that this Cage is well received, he could go on to appear in one or more Marvel movies.

Luke Cage was a member of the New Avengers in the comics, making him a viable candidate for the films’ Avengers team. Post Infinity War, perhaps? Speaking of Infinity War, Cage is rumored to appearing in the two-part epic alongside the other Defenders. And Cage is certainly capable of headlining his own feature film, perhaps alongside fellow Hero for Hire Iron Fist. There has been interest in a Luke Cage movie from studios over the past few years, so maybe that could be in Marvel’s future.

Daisy Johnson and the Secret Warriors


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. introduced a new character in the form of Skye, who was later revealed to be the MCU’s version of Daisy Johnson, aka Quake. She will headline the Secret Warriors team in the show’s upcoming third season, similar to the comics. There are a variety of reasons why Daisy is an ideal choice to eventually cross over into the Marvel movies.

The revelation that Daisy is an Inhuman, as well as her discovery of others like her, serve as the introduction of the Inhumans in the MCU. And, of course, Marvel will release an Inhumans movie in 2019. Perhaps Quake could be a part in that film? Additionally, she is another character who has connections to the Avengers in the comics, so maybe she could join that team on the big screen as well. Also, the more female superheroes in Marvel’s films, the better.

Iron Fist


Iron Fist will be the fourth and final Netflix series by Marvel before Danny Rand teams up with The Defenders in the highly anticipated miniseries. Fans have been waiting to see this character, along with fellow Hero for Hire Luke Cage, in live action for a long time now. Assuming that his appearances on Netflix are well received, it could lead to Iron Fist eventually popping up in the movies.

In addition to his rumored presence in Avengers: Infinity War, there are a lot of directions Iron Fist can go on the big screen. A member of the Avengers? A Heroes for Hire movie with Luke Cage? Heck, Iron Fist could easily headline his own solo film. A movie starring the character had been in development off and on since 2000, before Marvel eventually decided to put Rand on Netflix instead. However, an Iron Fist and/or Heroes for Hire film would be a great addition to Marvel’s Phase Four or later.


Marvel Studios introduced its take on the Deathlok mythos on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., with original character Mike Peterson transforming into the character. Since then, he has served as an ally for Agent Director Coulson and his team. Deathlok has been a pretty interesting character so far, and I wouldn’t mind if he was eventually brought into the Marvel movies.

A Deathlok movie was in the works at Paramount several years back, before Marvel brought the character to television instead. However, a solo movie starring Peterson – or even another character who encounters this technology – would be cool to see. However, with Warner Bros. and DC releasing a Cyborg movie in 2020, Marvel may be hesitant to put out a film starring a similar character.

As for other possibilities, Deathlok could always pop up in an Avengers sequel or as a supporting character in another franchise. For example, he would be an interesting fit into an Iron Man 4, if that were to ever happen. Ultimately, the Deathlok concept is intriguing, making it an intriguing potential addition to the big screen.

Jessica Jones


The next Marvel Netflix series will star Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), a former superhero who has now opened her own detective agency. It is expected to premiere later this year, while Jones will also appear in The Defenders miniseries. Again, she, along with the rest of the Defenders, are rumored for roles in Avengers: Infinity War. But could Jones have a big screen future afterwards?

Jones has been involved romantically with Luke Cage off and on in the comics, something which is expected to happen in the show. If Cage ends up crossing over into the movies, then perhaps Jones can join him, be it an Avengers sequel or a Heroes for Hire film. She has had connections with Spider-Man in the comics as well, so maybe she could appear in one of the Marvel-Sony Spider-Man movies. Or, the Jessica Jones series could be expanded to a feature film starring the character. Again, the MCU is arguably short on female superheroes, and Jones is an obvious one to transition to the big screen.



After mixed reception to 2003’s Daredevil and her 2005 solo spin-off being unanimously panned, Elektra hasn’t had the most successful film record. However, she is set to appear in Daredevil’s second season next year, played by Elodie Yung. Assuming that this iteration of the character is well received, perhaps Elektra will go on to appear in one or more of Marvel’s movies.

If Daredevil goes on to star in another movie, then Elektra should obviously serve as a supporting character. In the comics, she has had run-ins with S.H.I.E.L.D., and she has also served as a member of the Thunderbolts team. Both of these could be adapted into the MCU. Additionally, maybe Marvel could test Elektra’s solo potential once more with a new film. But, with the legacy of her first movie, the studio may be hesitant to try again.



Finally, we have the main villain of Daredevil’s first season. Wilson Fisk is a fascinating character in the series, and Vincent D’Onofrio’s multi-layered performance is outstanding. In fact, I thought Fisk was a better, more compelling villain than in most of Marvel’s films. Out of all of Marvel’s TV/Netflix characters, Fisk is easily one of the most qualified options to cross over into the movies.

The Kingpin would be a great choice for a villain role in a future Spider-Man movie; in fact, while he is often known as a Daredevil foe, Fisk was originally an enemy of Spidey’s in the comics. Fisk should also be in a Daredevil movie and/or a Punisher film, if either of those are ever made. Ultimately, Kingpin is a villain who could easily hold his own in a Marvel movie. Hopefully, the studio will eventually integrate him onto the big screen.

Honorable Mentions: Grant Ward, Claire Temple, Jemma Simmons, Foggy Nelson

Which Marvel television characters would you like to see in the movies?



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