Featured Cosplayers: Jodi and Alexandria Payne

Sep 3, 2014


Names:  Jodi Payne (mother) and Alexandria Payne (daughter) aka jodipayneart and cosplay_heronie

City: Fontana, CA

Instagram: jodipayneart and cosplay_heronie

Tumbler: (jodi) jodipayneart and (Alexandria) littlegirl-bighammer

Website: www.jodipayneart.com

Deviantart: jodipayne.deviantart.com cosplay-heronie.deviantart.com

Facebook: [email protected]

About Us: (Jodi) I am a artist I work at Disney doing Props and Sets, my daughter Alexandria is 15 and is a Junior in High School.

What was your first Cosplay Experience (together)? We have been cosplaying for my daughters entire life I made her first costume before she could walk a small Renaissance costume at 6 months any event where we can dress up we do so. For example Harry Potter Book release’s we dressed up she made a adorable 3 year old Hermione Granger. I have been making costumes for events for myself since I was 15. Its so exciting that there are so many more events to dress up in costumes these days. Our first con together cosplaying was San Diego Comic Con in 2012. I was Baby Doll from Sucker Punch and Alexandria was Fem Indiana Jones. I had been to SDCC since 2009, Alexandria wasn’t interested in going till 2012. When she went to her first con she was so excited she loves going. It’s great it’s something we can do together, my 7 year old son goes sometimes as well in costume but he can’t handle more than one day he gets overwhelmed.

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What is your favorite cosplay each of you have worn/created? We really enjoyed our Poison Ivy Harley Quinn duo this year at SDCC 2014. (Jodi) My favorite is Emma Frost I just made recently (Alexandria) really enjoys being Harley Quinn she even does Harley’s voice the entire time and behaves like the character. (Jodi) I love the Steampunk Tinkerbell on Alexandria its so pretty

If you had unlimited resources, what Cosplay would you create? If we had unlimited resources and time. Juggling time is he biggest issue. (Jodi) I would be Vastra the reptile woman from Doctor Who in the episode The Crimson Horror. I love that one. I just do not have the resources to create the FX make-up at home. (Alexandria) I would love to be Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy.

What advice would you offer others trying to break into Cosplay? Have fun, start small and learn to fabricate costumes over time at your current skill level. Find a cosplay costume design that looks good on you. Pick a costume from a character just because you like the character, change the design it so it fits your body type. Find someone who wants to cosplay with you, and make friends when you go to cons with other cosplayers. Be prepared to walk about two feet and constantly stop for pictures at cons


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