Fighting the Unknown in ‘Justice League Rebirth’ #1 (Review)

Jul 20, 2016

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JUSTICE-LEAGUE-Cv1-by-Tony-S-Daniel-and-Tomeu-Morey-eb0deJustice League Rebirth #1
DC Comics

Written by: Bryan Hitch
Pencilled by: Tony Daniel
Inked by: Sandu Florea
Art by: Tomeu Morey
Lettered by: Richard Starkings & Comicraft

This issue of Justice League wastes no time jumping right into the action. We are met with Wonder Woman as she settles, what seems to be, a territorial dispute with Russian forces. However, this is brought to a JUSTL-1-1-3252cgrinding halt as a worldwide natural disaster occurs. As the Justice League struggle to cope with this, something more sinister comes to bear.

We don’t know the scale or magnitude of what is pursuing the Justice League, but we do know that there are many of them and that they’re after something. This tension between an unknown foe and the Justice League provides the audience with an awesome start to this title as the world is already, in a pretty noticeable way, falling apart. With each member of the Justice League trying to JUSTL-1-5-d3a7esave some part of the world the audience can see not only their strengths individually but also the scope of power that they hold.

I say this is an awesome start to the title since it jumps right into the plot. There is no time spent talking about backgrounds or legacies but rather the audience is thrown into a whirlwind of global scale catastrophes. Not only is the plot itself superb but the factors that contribute to this issue work very well together. I believe Justice League is another strong addition to the plethora of titles that DC has chosen to relaunch. The strong writing and awesome art do well to create a series worth continuing. My biggest problem seems to be that with so many strong titles being launched it’s hard to choose a favorite.