Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Part One Scenario Is Complete!

Dec 15, 2015

Could its release come sooner than we thought?

Recent news broke that Final Fantasy VII Remake would be split up into multiple parts/episodes. Well it looks like we might be getting “part one” sooner than we initially anticipated. This report comes from Famitsu‘s recent staff interview in which it was revealed that the the scenario to part one of the remake is already complete.

Credit the fine site of Famitsu for this news

Credit the fine site of Famitsu for this news

Website Gematsu listed some other details from these interviews that help shed some light on what exactly is being accomplished in this remake:

  • They want add to and delver further into the Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie characters.

  • They have an idea about the number of installments that will be released, but they’re not at the stage where they can say anything.

  • They’re not talking about online right now.

  • The scenario of the first part up until its ending is already complete.

  • They’re getting technological assistance from the Kingdom Hearts team with Unreal Engine 4, since they’ve been using it with Kingdom Hearts III.

  • Cloud’s hallucination scenes will be more meaningful.

  • As for the cast, they’re continuing plans with the voice actors from Advent Children, but there are some that still haven’t been offered yet. Red XIII only made a cameo appearance, so his voice is likely to be changed.

  • Separate from Limit Breaks, there is another unique system. They can’t show it yet, but … it’ll be different depending on the player’s fighting style.

  • Nothing has been decided about guarding yet.

So there you have it. There’s a plethora of information to be taken away from this, and it seems as though a great deal of progress has already been made in this game’s development. With the assistance from some individuals on the Kingdom Hearts 3 development team, time gaining familiarity with the Unreal Engine 4 is being cut down, it appears, significantly.

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