Finding Home in “Wonder Woman” #1 (Review)

Jun 22, 2016

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Wonder Woman #1
DC Comics

Story by: Greg Rucka
Art by: Liam Sharp
Colors by: Laura Martin
Letters by: Jodi Wynne

Amongst DC’s massive relaunch comes the new Wonder Woman title by Greg Rucka and Liam Sharp and so far it’s promising. We find Steve pursuing Cadulo, a warlord; Diane seeking aid from an unlikely ally; and their paths are bound to cross. While this issue doesn’t take the audience too far into the action, it sets up two storylines for the creative time to explore along with numerous plot points to intersect.

The team assembled behind this title come together to form a strong beginning as Rucka’s writing meshes well with the art of Sharp and Martin. The environments are lush, detailed, and, at times, macabre as Diana and Trevor pursue their goals. Sharp and Martin do well to create engaging and telling art throughout the issue. Marin’s colors work well as they create a strong sense of contrast throughout the panels. While Sharp’s pencil’s come off as thoroughWW-1-1-ea85f and refreshing. Never does it feel repetitive or out of place. Meanwhile, through Rucka’s writing, the characters do well to show multiple aspects of their personality. We see Diana the diplomat and warrior, and we also see Steve the soldier, humanitarian, and romantic. Ultimately, these dimensions lead to characters that will develop well throughout the title as it provides numerous ways to explore their character.

While we do not entirely know where the story arc is headed, we can guess that it’s going to be ripe with tension as the one that Diana seeks eventually finds her. Rucka and Sharp give us the beginning in this issue, but they leave us wondering how Diana will come to negotiate help from someone who she has never quite got along with. Additionally, we must wonder how the paths of Steve and Diana will come to intersect as their objectives are far from similar. This issue will certainly serve as the springboard into a much more engaging and action-packed story arc. Personally, I look forward to seeing how Wonder Woman is developed after such a monumental run during the New 52.