First Episodes of DC Universe’s ‘Young Justice,’ ‘Titans,’ & ‘Doom Patrol’ Available Free for Limited Time

Mar 15, 2019

There’s a special occasion happening for the DC Universe. Starting this weekend, for a limited time, the first episodes of the three original series ‘Young Justice: Outsiders,’ ‘Titans,’ and ‘Doom Patrol’ will be available for free.

Not only that, anyone will be able to view the episodes, even without a subscription.

That’s right, you get to experience the beginning of three acclaimed shows for no charge at all!

So, if you were ever skeptical on watching either of the three shows, now’s your chance to try them all out.

But, the three episodes will only be available from late Friday, March 15th through Friday, March 29th.

So, go to or download the DC Universe app for access. Again, you do not need a registration or payment information.

Spend your two weeks wisely, and enjoy the DC Universe!