First look a DC Comics’ Crush & Lobo #1

May 6, 2021

Mad Cave Studios


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If you enjoyed what Mariko Tamaki did with Future State: Dark Detective or her current run on Detective Comics, DC has her on another project. However, the characters she’s dealing with in this miniseries are much different from Batman.

Straight from the pages of Teen Titans Academy, the Crush & Lobo miniseries kicks off in June.

Alongside Tamaki, Amancay Nahuelpan, Tamra Bonvillain and Ariana Maher are in charge of DC’s Czarnians — one of which is “in full-on self-destruct mode!”

And in case anyone was wondering, Crush is doing just fine, actually. Sure, she recently walked away from her classmates at the Roy Harper Titans Academy and effectively quit being a Teen Titan in a blaze of glory. And okay, her relationship with her too-good-to-be-true girlfriend Katie is kind of on the rocks, if you want to get all technical about it. Oh, and she recently found out Lobo’s in space jail, but that’s cool, because he’s the worst. OKAY, maybe Crush has some STUFF, but that doesn’t mean she’s gonna DO anything about it, like actually go to space and confront her dad and all her problems, because everything is FINE…Right?

The series is set to run through January 2022. Here’s a look at some of the pages from the first issue: