First look at Batman #107 and Legend of the Ghost-Maker

Mar 10, 2021

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Batman #107
DC Comics

Written by: James Tynion IV
Art by: Jorge Jimenez

Batman #107, which features the first chapter of Legend of the Ghost-Maker by James Tynion IV and Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, hits shelves April 6. Not only is Scarecrow running amok, but it appears there’s a new player in Gotham.

DC revealed Tynion and Jorge Jimenez will bring another new character into the fold with Batman #108, but readers will also meet a plant-dog lover in Batman #107. Yes, you read that right — plant-dog lover.

Her intentions aren’t clear, from the preview images. That said, her pets being a cross between two of the things Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy love most has to be some sort of foreshadowing.

As for Legend of the Ghost-Maker, that already looks like a story that should be printed separate from Batman #107. Ortiz’s art always has a ton of energy. Ghost-Maker’s popularity should skyrocket with this story.