First ‘Spider-Man’ Contenders Said To Be Dylan O’Brien And Logan Lerman

Feb 11, 2015

We’re still in the early days of Marvel and Sony’s partnership on new Spider-Man films and having the hero crossover into the cinematic universe possibly first in Captain American: Civil War could mean the casting search has already started.

Variety names the first two actors in early consideration for the reboot. They are Maze Runner‘s Dylan O’Brien and Fury‘s Logan Lerman. The two actors have emerged as fan-favorites and Lerman had been previously in the mix for the role back when Sony was originally casting the Amazing Spider-Man.

Consideration doesn’t mean offers have been made or they’ll even test for the role. It just means they’re on a wish-list somewhere, I have a feeling we’ll start hearing even more names in the coming weeks.

We’ve heard that the studios are still mulling over which version of Spider-Man to use in the film which could mean that Miles Morales could be our MCU Spidey or we might be getting two of them.

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