Flash Back to Terry McGinnis’ Time as Batman in “BATMAN BEYOND” #12 (Exclusive Preview)

Apr 28, 2016


Geeks WorldWide has another EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW, this time for BATMAN BEYOND #12 from DC Comics and creators Dan Jurgens and Philip Tan! Tim Drake has been fighting crime in the futuristic Gotham City for some time, and he’s just now starting to learn how to use all of the suit’s functions. With the Justice League back on the side of good, there is a lot to repair in the world, leaving Gotham City with only Batman left to defend it. Enter our villain REWIRE whom is sent by his mysterious master to take advantage of the situation. The epic four part story “Wired for Death” will take us back to Terry McGinnis’ time as Batman to run parallel to Tim Drake’s. Fans of Terry McGinnis can rejoice, as we’re going to get to see the original Batman Beyond back in the suit!

Join Dan Jurgens and Philip Tan as they offer us a never before told story of Terry’s time as Batman, and if Tim Drake will end up getting REWIRED for death or if he’ll manage to overcome in BATMAN BEYOND #12, out May 4th.

Yeah, that’s who you think it is! Get ready for surprises and revelations as Bruce Wayne welcomes you to the storyline that will change Batman Beyond’s status quo forever!

Batman Beyond #12
DC Comics
Written by: Dan Jurgens
Art by: Philip Tan
Colors by: Elmer Santos
Cover by: Philip Tan & Elmer Santos
Release Date: 5/4/2016

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