A Flash-y Opinion on CW’s Scarlett Speedster

Nov 10, 2014

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the-flash-posterThis is my first ever written piece I have done for GWW (or anyone for that matter) so we will chalk this up as a learning experience! Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I’d like to give you my take and offer my opinion regarding The CW’s newest show, The Flash! Please be aware that this will touch briefly on all four episodes thus far, however, if you have not had the chance to catch up, it could contain SPOILERS!

I am no stranger to Barry Allen, or for that matter, The CW, and I have to say I originally liked both of them. I have been a solid supporter and a fan of shows such as Supernatural and Arrow, since the beginning. So you can naturally understand the pure joy I had when I heard that the good ole’ Scarlett Speeder would be making his debut on my favorite show, Arrow!

My biggest concern about the upcoming show was that The Flash would get shoved into a cheesy one piece spandex costume, as well as a lack of good quality special effects. Having seen the direction that Arrow was going, and the complete lack (as long as you don’t count the effects of Mirakuru on Roy and Slade) of “powers”, I was unsure on how the writers and team would pull it all together.

All fears of cheesy-ness were shattered after seeing the first few images of Grant Gustin in his new suit! In my opinion it was perfect and fit into the world that The CW had already established with Arrow! Oliver and Barry’s Barry Allen picsuits both looked as if they could have actually been worn and did not look out of place at all. After watching the first teaser, I had already saved every leaked image I could find to start my very own Flash Cosplay!

You are probably sitting there thinking,

“Ok Stephen, we get it. You really like the suit and CW but what about the show?!”

Well let me tell you exactly what I think! After 4 episodes, 3 “Evil Meta-Humans” and one Captain Cold I have to say The Flash has become my new favorite show on tv! (beating Arrow, Constantine, The Blacklist and even Once Upon a Time…don’t judge)

The pilot covered everything we really needed to know and stuck pretty true to the comics. Every week we were promised that the episodes were only going to get BIGGER and BETTER! So far they have not let me down and I can only say I look forward to Tuesday now!

Episode 2 was either going to make me love the show enough to get a Flash tattoo or cause me to delete all future DVR recordings. Needless to say the DVR was safe and yet I still don’t have that tattoo (yet). The Special Effects had gotten better and the bad guy was cooler than Weather Wizard from the pilot.

In the 3rd episode we met another Meta-Human that had the ability to turn himself into poisonous gas (The Mist) and again the show kicked butt! The characters keep developing and Barry’s Team keeps getting stronger and stronger!

Captain Cold

Episode 4 (SPOILERS) hit us with our first look at what will become one of our recurring villains and he isn’t even Meta! Captain Cold one of Flash’s most famous rogues was awesome. Some even speculate that we met “The Trickster” but I don’t think that guy made it and there wasn’t much that made me think he was very trickster-y (although we did get a tease of Heat Wave). The story really progressed in this episode and I think having Felicity from Arrow make an appearance made it perfect! The fact that we can almost guarantee crossover episodes of Flash/Arrow really makes me excited!

Dr. Flash

I am honestly amazed each week how much this show goes above and beyond my expectations. I have to say that I really love all of the references to the comics and hope that this show continues to impress me! Does Dr. Harris Wells scare anyone else? Dont mess with Dr. Wells or his plans to keep Barry safe.

*This Feature was written by Stephen Herron