Flexispot E5 Standing Desk

May 25, 2023

I’ll cut right to the chase: the E5, from standing desk maker, FlexiSpot, is an excellent, value-oriented desk. It comes with two routing holes for cable management, a gentle curve to bring you closer into the desk for more immersion, and FlexiSpot’s outstanding dual-motor lifting system for standing and sitting. With dimensions of up to 60″ x 30″ x 1″, a weight of 26lbs, and a capacity of up to 287lbs, I find the price of $639.99 reasonable. Take note, FlexiSpot regularly offers discounts and sales. In fact, as of writing, the E5 is on sale for $379.99 with a fiberboard desktop and a size of 60″ x 24″. As reviewed, I have the black on black curved model measuring 48″ x 30″, with a price tag of $549.99 (on sale for $249.99).

Key features of the E5:

  • Super stable and little wobble during height adjustments and even at the highest positions
  • Dual-motor lifting system with double crossbeam structure, for stability and smooth lifting
  • holds up to 287 lbs
  • Advanced keypad with 3 programmable height presets
  • Sit-stand reminder: set a timer, up to 99 minutes, to remind you to switch postures (I adjust every 20 minutes)
  • Anti-collision feature: the motor will stop if it detects an obstacle

The biggest challenge I repeatedly face while reviewing products, which has been an issue since I started in 2009, is what I would learn after using a product long-term. In this context, I must ask myself, what is it like owning a standing desk? What are the features that matter after 30 or 60 days? Here they are:

  • Durability of the finish
  • Durability of the motor
  • How the size fits with your lifestyle


Unlike more premium FlexiSpot desks I have reviewed, this E5 is more value-oriented. Yet, the black desktop is still strong and well built. The underside is pre-drilled to match the frame, which made assembly easy and less prone to issues. FlexiSpot included two holes for routing cables through the desk (think about an HDMI and power cable from a monitor). What really makes the E5 stand out, is the curved desktop. I am a fan of this! You may not like it, but I would urge you to try this design before you dismiss it. So, find a desk at a store and give it a chance.


Some FlexiSpot desks will include a 15 year warranty. In this situation, you are provided FlexiSpot’s standard 5 and 10 year warranty.

This particular model comes with a straightforward control unit that has three memory slots. You can also lock the control unit by holding the “M” button for 4-5 seconds. I have found the motor to be a little louder on this model, but it’s not a distraction and services like Teams are able to cancel out the noise. As I mentioned before, I lower and lift my desk every 20 minutes, on the dot, while at my desk during the work week. I sometimes forget to mute my microphone during motor use if I’m in a meeting.


My office is 12’ x 12’. On one end I have a FlexiSpot desk with my 42″ TV and game consoles. But my primary workspace is where the E5 currently stands. On it I have a 34″ ultrawide monitor, a Legion 5 Pro, a legion 7i Pro, and a 14″ MacBook Pro. There is plenty of room leftover, despite this dense, temporary setup. The E5 is available in three sizes, so if you have more space, you can upgrade all the way up to a 60″ desktop.

The E5 is a good value with thoughtful design choices.  And you can buy it now by clicking this link.