FlexiSpot E7 Pro Plus Standing Desk

Mar 17, 2023

Back in the summer of 2021, I thought I hit the standing desk jackpot. I fell in love with my very first standing desk, the FlexiSpot E7. With dimensions of 72x30x1, I was able to put just about everything on my desk: gaming laptop, work laptop, two 27” monitors, keyboard and mouse, my MagSafe Duo charger, and more. And it held up extremely well to going up and down every 20 minutes from 7am – 5pm, Monday through Friday (not an automatic programming, but an automatic height adjustment). When FlexiSpot contacted me to review their E7 Pro Plus Standing Desk, I quickly replied “yes” because I love the quality and value of their products. But when it arrived in a smaller than expected package, I thought there is no way it would become my main desk. Afterall, as much as I have enjoyed having a large desk, what I really prefer is a clean setup. And by downgrading in size, I learned to upgrade in minimizing distraction.

First, let’s get some of the key features of the E7 Pro Plus out of the way:

  • Super stable and no wobble during height adjustments and even at the highest positions
  • Dimensions (as reviewed): 55x28x1
  • Height adjustment (as reviewed): 25.6” – 52.4”

The biggest challenge I repeatedly face while reviewing products, which has been an issue since I started in 2009, is what I would learn after using a product long-term. In this context, I must ask myself, what is it like owning a standing desk? What are the features that matter after 30 or 60 days? Here they are:

  • Durability of the finish
  • Durability of the motor
  • How the size fits with your lifestyle

Durability of the finish

I’m not going to take a knife to the desk. But I can tell you from owning my 72x30x1 E7 for nearly 2 years that it held up exceptionally well to coffee rings, water spills, and my kids occasionally getting their dirty hands on it. I expect nothing less from this E7 Pro Plus. During the unboxing process, I did rub one of the rounded corners of the table top a little too hard against my hardwood floors. Fortunately, both the table and the floors are perfectly untarnished. Not a nick or a dent to speak of.

FlexiSpot sent over a beautiful wood finished E7 Pro Plus with a modest brown color that resembles real wood. Rubbing my hand with and against the faux-grain, I love the texture and grip. If I were to customize it myself, I would have opted for a lighter color (to match my guitars) and the wireless charging option.

Durability of the motor

FlexiSpot offers a 15-year warranty on the motor. That’s brilliant! My behemoth 72x30x1 had a TON of a weight on it, yet it never wobbled or failed to lift or lower. Even when my son, two-years-old at the time, hung from it, the motor never failed. I expect nothing less from the E7 Pro Plus.

This particular model comes with a straightforward control unit that has two memory slots (stand and sit) and an available USB Type A port for passthrough charging. You can also lock the control unit by holding the “M” button for 4-5 seconds. I have found the motor to be a little louder on this model, but it’s not crazy loud. As I mentioned before, I lower and lift my desk every 20 minutes, on the dot, while at my desk during the work week. So, I always mute my microphone during motor use if I’m in a meeting.

Another aspect of durability, although not about the motor, are the materials in general. The E7’s base structure is made of solid carbon steel. Yes, it’s heavy, but way more durable than other metals commonly used in standing desks.

How the size fits with your lifestyle

My office is 12’ x 12’. Not only do I work out of here, I also do all of my non-handheld gaming (PS5, Switch, and gaming laptop). Over the past two years, I felt the need to occupy the space of the 72×30 E7. When I switched to this E7 Pro Plus, I took it as an opportunity to downsize all of the stuff on my desk, that could be viewed as a distraction. My new setup has been reduced to the following:

  • 16” MacBook Pro
  • Mousepad + mouse
  • A 2-level shelf for storage of my knives, keys, handhelds, and other miscellaneous items
  • MagSafe Duo charger
  • When in use: my 16” gaming laptop

The key change here is I have removed my two 27” external monitors. Those suckers were not only enormous, when together, and not as sharp or bright as the primary display of my MacBook Pro, but they also brought cables along – two each. This is a topic for another article, but I love this new setup. And if I want to, I can easily add one or two additional monitors as the E7 Pro Plus can handle over 350 lbs. on the tabletop.

The size and lifestyle preferences are important to consider as the E7 Pro Plus comes in one desktop size. There are, however, multiple height adjustments to choose from.

On the left: I removed my FlexiSpot drawer from my E7 72×30 and installed it, easily on this E7 Pro Plus. Just wished the colors matched.

The E7 Pro Plus is an easy recommendation for me to make. At just $609 (current sale price), you’re getting a high-quality desk with an excellent motor and materials with a 15-year warranty. Awesome!  And you can buy it now by clicking this link.