Frenzied Fights and Friendship: Titans #3 (Review)

Sep 29, 2016



Titans #3
DC Comics

Written by: Dan Abentt
Art by: Brett Booth

Dan Abnett and Brett Booth continue their reunion tale around members of the original Teen Titans.  As mentioned in the review of the last issue, Titans assumes and reminds readers that the world barely remembers they were a team. Wally West was trapped in the speed force and was released during the events surrounding DC’s Rebirth. The first two issues had the group getting back together and trying to help Wally remember what happened. In the process they awaken an old enemy of the Flash and issue #2 was one big fight scene.  That fight concludes here in issue #3 without much resolution.

This lack of resolution with the villain results in a feeling treading water. The villain believes he is the cause of Wally’s disappearance, and even the Titans seem to believe it. It all feels like a red herring for readers that have read other Rebirth titles, or have read comic sites, and know that the Watchmen are involved with the timeline and the results around the New 52 and Rebirth. Knowing this larger narrative arc, makes most of the dialog feel like filler. Eventually there are a few hints and even acknowledgments that there is something more going on with the timeline.titans-battle

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The issue moves the story forward some but is trying to walk a tight narrative line between making the story arcs meaningful around Wally West and not giving away too much mystery around Wally’s connection to the events of Rebirth. Abnett does provide some solid dialog between team members and continues to establish relationships and dynamics. These team interactions help the book remain engaging with the limited movement in the larger story arc. Abnett’s writing and Booth’s art make it easy to care about these superheroes. And these are clearly superheroes. Booth’s muscular depictions not only reinforce that these are not the “teen” titans, but that this is a powerful team.

While Titans may not be taking on Justice League levels threats, they are powerful and diverse enough to hold their on. And yet, Abnett and Booth make them personal enough that pizza and conversation or an awkward romantic conversation feels just as appropriate as a super powered fight scene. By the end of the issue, Abnett has developed his characters further and given this battle against a lower tier villain a person hook and a reason to come back for the next issue.

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While the story doesn’t really move ahead, these Titans continued to be developed as characters. The arc is just getting rolling for this team of forgotten former side kicks.

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