Friendship, Assassins, and Horror in “The Ghost Fleet #4” Review

Feb 3, 2015


ghost fleet 4 coverThe Ghost Fleet #4
Dark Horse Comics

Written by: Donny Cates
Art by: Daniel Warren Johnson
Color by: Lauren Affe

Ghost Fleet #4 begins to hit the open road as we dive deeper into the mysterious cargo of The Ghost Fleet and its hijacker Trace. This issue still doesn’t reveal a lot about the highly prized cargo Trace has stolen or where this whole journey is leading too but we do start to understand our characters a bit more. Through flashbacks and an unsettling vision we learn how deep Trace and Ward’s friendship really was which only adds to the drama they are in now.

Writer Donny Cates ups the action and the stakes in this issue as we meet another deadly villain and get one step closer to understanding what is in The Ghost Fleet’s cargo and its importance to the world. Cates really plays with emotions in this issue as we start on a heart breaking moment, move to a Poltergeist like horror scene, then onto a gruesome action sequence and ending on another mysterious cliff hanger that will leave wanting more.

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Ghost fleet 4 interior

The art of this issue is perfectly fitting of this emotional roller-coaster as it seems to evolve with each scene. With Daniel Warren Johnson on pencils and Lauren Affe on color we get variety of well-crafted panel work with high lights that include our opening flashback, Trace’s horrific encounter and our introduction to assassin Mickey Reno. Each panel seems ooze personality and there are some subtle touches that really make the pages come to life.

Ghost Fleet continues to be a glorious trip that hearkens back to when the action movie was king. While this issue doesn’t give us any straight forward answers but instead only offers more questions The Ghost Fleet continues to leave break crumbs that are keeping this hungry reader satisfied but still wanting more.

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