Frostpunk Devs Reveal Free DLC Roadmap

May 31, 2018


As of this morning, Frostpunk, a top-down survival game on PC (Steam), has a user rating of Very Positive with more than 9,500 reviews. When it landed in late April, it made a huge splash for it’s intense and stressful survival elements. And now, the team at 11 bit studios have revealed there is more content coming for free! Check out the roadmap below.

Directly from 11 bit studios:

“The City has survived but that’s not the end of the journey - we are ready for further expeditions. This development road map will give you the idea of where Frostpunk is heading in 2018. We have planned some substantial content updates - unlocking new modes, tools and scenarios - on top of continuous technical patches which will arrive when necessary. It should go without saying that all of those are going to be FREE updates. And we have even more stuff planned for 2019…”

This is exciting stuff, for sure. Stay tuned for more details as we receive them. Be sure to hit our Discord server for more discussion.

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