Fury Unleashed Review

May 7, 2020

My Highest Compliment

It’s very hard for a game to pull me away from Final Fantasy 7 Remake at the moment, but Fury Unleashed did just that, and that is the biggest compliment I can give this game. I am a sucker for rogue-lite games, so I couldn’t pass the opportunity to review Fury Unleashed. I love everything about this game. From its comic book art style to its fluid gameplay, Fury Unleashed is truly one of the best indie games I have ever played. 

An Addicting Rogue-Lite Game

As I mentioned earlier, Fury Unleashed is a rogue-lite game that is so addicting that I completely forgot about all my other games that I am currently playing. Fury unleashed’s story is told in a very interesting way. There will be times where you’ll be going through portals and you’ll see conversations the comic book writers are having amongst each other. You’ll also be treated to a comic book page at the beginning of every run that gives you a little bit of story before you start that chapter.  This kind of storytelling it’s fine, but it’s not why I kept playing this game. Every time I would come across these areas I would try to get out of them as quickly as possible, so I could get back to the action. And let me tell you something, the action on this game is so much fun that you won’t want to stop playing. 

Slash, shoot, and Stomp your way through enemies

In Fury Unleashed you will get to slash, shoot, and stomp your way through enemies. The weapon variety in this game is fantastic. You start off with a simple machine gun and a machete, but as you make your way through the levels you’ll begin to unlock more weapons. Before you know it you’ll be shooting souls in the shape of skulls at your enemies while you try to take their heads off with a frying pan. As you kill your way through enemies you’ll be building your combos, and trust me you want to get a high combo score. The higher the combo score, the better the reward you will get. Fury Unleashed really has one of the best gameplay loops. 

New Characters with each book

This game also introduces you to interesting characters as you navigate each comic book. These characters come with different rewards and different personalities. Some of these characters give you challenges for you to complete. The challenges that you’ll receive can vary from killing enemies with a specific type of weapon, or clearing an area without getting hit. I love that a game like this offers this kind of challenge and it’s not just another game where you are just trying to see how long you can make it before you die. Just like these NPCs are full of variety, so are the enemies you’ll be encountering. You’ll fight anything from Nazi soldiers to gods and bugs. The enemy variety on this game is absolutely fantastic and each of these creatures brings a different kind of challenge. Fury Unleashed also gives you some of the best boss fights I have encountered in a rogue-like game. Each boss fight felt fair, but that’s not to say you won’t fail. Once you do die and trust me you will die a lot, you will get a chance to upgrade your character’s skill tree. These skills that you unlock are permanent and help you on your future runs. 

My only complaint with the game is how difficult or easy the game is depending on what mode you play. If you are playing on hard mode, which according to the game is the way the devs intended for you to play, you are in for a hard time. The game can be very, very challenging, and can make the first couple of runs frustrating. Once you get used to the frantic gameplay, you’ll embrace the challenge as I did, but you have to keep at it. If you change the difficulty to “Easy” the game becomes way too easy. I wish the game had a happy medium between hard mode and easy mode. 

Fury Unleashed is a must-buy game for anyone that’s into rogue-lite games. If you are a fan of the genre you need to give this a shot. The last time I was this hooked on a game like this was when Dead cells came out a couple of years ago. Now that Fury unleashed is out I am getting a lot of those same feelings I got when I played Dead Cells. Fury unleashed may go down as one of the best indie games of 2020.