Future State: Gotham #4 (REVIEW)

Aug 9, 2021

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Future State: Gotham #4
DC Comics

Written by: Dennis Culver
Art by: Nikola Cizmesija
Letters by: ALW’s Troy Peteri

I was not expecting a shift away from Red Hood and Batman in Future State: Gotham #4. But I can’t say I was upset about a little faceoff between Harley Quinn and Punchline. There are obvious reasons for tension between the two characters, and Dennis Culver uses that to drive this issue.

Although, by the end of the issue, I got the impression things could change between these two quite a bit. We learn about a new character who could force Harley and Punchline to align themselves with one another. This character could also prove to be a major player in Future State: Gotham.

Now, while I like the idea of exes of the same person partnering up, I don’t know if I’m keen on Punchline teaming up with anyone. She’s too good at what she does and a true agent of chaos. To be clear, there was not an official declaration indicating the two plan to join forces. But it feels inevitable with the way Future State: Gotham #4.

Like the previous three issues, Future State: Gotham #4 one was done in black and white. It’s still an odd choice for a story set in the future, but I thought it played a little better this time around. I think the big difference was Cizmesija messed around with the lighting a little more effectively. The black and white wasn’t nearly as much of an issue in fight scenes at it had been in the first three issues of Future State: Gotham.

Score: 8

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