Future State: Nightwing #2 (REVIEW)

Feb 16, 2021

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Future State: Nightwing #2
DC Comics

Written by: Andrew Constant
Art by: Nicola Scott
Colors: Ivan Plascencia
Letters by: Wes Abbott

Future State: Nightwing is one of the best two-book stories of DC’s event. It may very well be the best. The new meets the old, and the old ain’t exactly what it used to be.

Future State: Nightwing #1 sets an action-packed tone; Future State: Nightwing #2 maintains the title’s momentum, giving us a little more in the process. If you’re into cameos, you’ll love this issue. Readers got a glimpse last issue of those who still follow Nightwing in his efforts to protect Gotham. The entire team is revealed in Future State: Nightwing #2.

But the true strength of Future State: Nightwing lies in the relationship developed between Nightwing and the new Batman. Dick Grayson is a changed man at this point in his life — no, he’s no Ric Grayson again, but he is not the warmest he’s ever been. So, it’s no surprise how he handles Jace Fox at first.

In a way, Nightwing serves the role of Batman readers. For so long, both Dick and readers always had Bruce Wayne as the one true Batman — as much as others have tried to don the cape and cowl. It’s hard to accept the idea of someone else getting a legitimate shot to take over the title. That means Jace has to prove himself. He won Dick over in Future State: Nightwing. With Jace set to get opportunities beyond Future State, it appears he’s winning readers over, as well.

(WARNING: Spoilers for Future State: Nightwing #2 ahead.)

Not sure which cameo surprised everyone most, but I was blown away by Talia al Ghul showing up. It’d make sense to see some members of The Resistance pop up in Red Hood’s upcoming Future State series, but this team deserves it’s own book — even if it’s a miniseries.

Score: 9