Gal Gun 2 Review

Oct 3, 2018


Gal Gun 2
Reviewed On PS4
Other Available Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch
Developed By: Inti Creates
Published By: PQube

            Gal Gun 2 is a first person on rail shooter, but the weapon you use is not a normal gun. The plot of the game has you playing as a boy at a high school chosen by an angel to rid the school of demons. The problem is using the gun and headset form the angel causes all of the girls in the school to become obsessed with you, which is why they all run towards you. With the two of you teamed up, you’ll work together to cleanse the girls of the school and even face off a demon in charge to bring hell to the students at your school. Your weapon is called the demon sweeper and as you progress you will also to get it upgraded for more powerful shots and more power for the vacuum function that sucks demons into it, along with the girls clothes. When aiming at the targets, a sign will pop up pointing out the weak point for each girl that comes towards you. Hit the weak points and the girls go down in one shot.

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After clearing an area in a level, you’ll pick paths to take to continue the level until you are at the end. Points are earned and these points are needed to continue the main story missions. More points are obtained through doing side missions. You can do the normal mission where you clear out an area of the school filled with demons, defend a group of girls from demons attacking them, or find certain objects hidden in an area before the time runs out. You’ll also go through boss fights throughout the story mode. Even though there are multiple mission types, you’re essentially doing the exact same thing in all of them. Even though it can be pretty repetitive, levels are short enough where they don’t overstay their welcome. Multiple playthrough’s are also encouraged to unlock all of the different types of endings.

When you aren’t blasting the girls to rid the demons, you can also focus on building your relationship with other girls by giving them treats. There is also the Dokidoki mode, which has you shooting demons off one specific girl that ultimately causes her clothes to come off as she is changing from one erotic position to another. Gal Gun 2 is a very simple game to play and offers very little challenge as I never felt like I was going to fail a level, even during sections when I wasn’t trying too hard to aim for weak points. The game clearly has a specific audience that it’s going after due to some of the content in the game and the story is very mediocre that gives an excuse for the setting. It’s full of fan service that isn’t hard to get to but offers nothing to anyone that isn’t already a fan of this series.

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