Dec 1, 2015

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garf 1Garfield’s Cheesy Holiday Special

Garfield created by Jim Davis

Holly’s Holiday Hope
Written by: Mark Evanier
Illustrated by: Andy Hirsch

The Lasagna Monster Who Stole Christmas
Written by Scott Nickel
Illustrated by David DeGrand

Just in time for the Christmas holiday, our favorite lazy feline cat has a pair of Christmas tails (get it) to make us laugh. Throughout both stories, the classic Sunday Morning Comic strip humor we are accustomed to with Garfield is center stage and it’s
wonderful.garf 3

The first story, Holly’s Holiday Hope, brings Garfield and Odie to the mall where Jon is filling in for Santa Claus for a part time job. But Garfield gets into trouble and the normal hijinks ensue. But then the story turns from all goofing around, to a search and rescue tale for Holly who only wants her missing dog, Hope, back for Christmas. Of course Garfield’s wit and humor are ever garf 5present throughout the rescue and Odie’s stupidity carries the adventure further than needed. In the end, this fun read had just the right amount of Garfield and perfect dash of holiday cheer to make this story worthy of the title cheesy holiday special.

The second story written in this book is a little more far fetched than garf 4the first (once you get past the fact that an orange cat has an inner dialogue that leads the story). This is exactly as the title suggests, a scary tale where a lasagna monster has devised a way to steal Christmas over and over again. But with his trusty side kicks Odie and Jon, Garfield tries to foil the Lasagna Monster. No one steals lasagna or Christmas from Garfield and gets away with it!

Although I enjoyed the first story much more than the second one, mostly because of the art. The first story presented a Garfield I am familiar with in cartoon or comic (I even imagined Lorenzo Music’s signature voice of Garfield as I read this first tale). Still, on the whole, they were both spot on with the iconic humor of Garfield making this well worth the read. Also added to to the end of this collection were a couple of Sunday Classics to nicely round off the Garfield Holiday inspired collection. I would highly recommend this to get into the Christmas spirit!