Geek To Me RAdio #253: Batman Artist, Rick Burchett & Harley Quinn Actress, Hannah Kat Jones

Oct 14, 2021


Actress Hannah Kat Jones ( talks about what it was like playing Harley Quinn in the webseries “Superhero Diaries” ( and her love of acting.

4 time Eisner Award Winning artist Rick Burchett ( talks about how Batman both helped and hurt his career and why it can be important to have a distinctive art style when drawing comics.

0:00 SEGMENT 1: Actress Hannah Kat Jones ( talks about how much the Harley Quinn costume helps to get into character, how the pigtails are so tight they pull her face into a smile, her background with the comics, researching Harley, being starstruck when talking to Rick Burchett, and flirting with Spider-Man.

12:28 SEGMENT 2: Actor Hannah Kat Jones talks about Phil Lamarr playing the live action Green Lantern, when she got bit by the acting bug, being the Persian Panda mascot for her middle school, asking for acting lessons for Christmas as a kid, why she loves acting, and how much fun she is having on TikTok.

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26:41 SEGMENT 3: Artist Rick Burchett talks about taking over from Ty Templeton for Batman the Adventures Continue Season 2, his original Batman Artwork is selling well at cons, whether the publishers tell him how well a book is selling, how he handles commissions at cons, how Batman the Animated Series’ cartoony style killed his career, working on She-Hulk, developing his streamlined art style, matching the art of the previous artist when he is brought on to an already established book, why it can be important to have a distinctive art style, walking that tightrope between self-expression and pleasing the reader, why he thinks of comics as a performance art, and receiving compliments from Howard Chaykin.

43:19 SEGMENT 4: Artist Rick Burchett talks about his favorite Ed Asner role, drawing storyboards for Justice League Unlimited, HBO creating new episodes of Batman the Animated Series, crowdfunding for “Pirates of the Ineffable Aether”, and working with Greg Rucka.

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