Geeks On Screen: 26 – Fear The Kingpin’s Criminal Spy Interests

Stephen and Tommy join Everett on the Geeks On Screen podcast this week to talk this weeks biggest entertainment news, Criminal Minds, Person of Interest, Daredevil, Fear the Walking Dead, SPY and more!

Stephen talks about how he loves Benjamin Linus teaming up with Jesus in the ‘Person of Interest’ pilot and Everett tries to explain why SPY is now on his top 5 best of 2015 list. Also, Tommy is five episodes into Daredevil! Will Stephen spoil the show for him? … Yes… Yes he will.

Let us know what you think of the show and if you would like to hear us talk about your favorite show! Did you see SPY? Leave comments below! Or Tweet us: @GeeksOnScreen

What Happens Next: Kevin Joseph Returns!

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