Geeks with Wives and Bits – Huawei SnapTo: Initial Hardware Impressions (Video)

May 22, 2015

If you are in the market for a budget phone, maybe for a younger kid, or for someone who is coming to smartphones for the first time, or maybe you need a burner phone and don’t want to spend that much. Whatever the case, Huawei’s latest budget offering, the SnapTo is worth considering.

Thanks so much if you are stopping by to watch the video. Thanks twice as much if you actually watched all of it. But don’t feel obligated to. Feel free to skip around and try to catch the highlights. There are a few still photographs below because I know it may have been hard to really see all of the detail on the phone in the video.

Also, my apologies for not covering one of the major characteristics of this phone that will drive your purchasing decision and, if you do buy it, how you use it. The phone comes with 8GB of storage space, and only 4.1 GB of that is available out of the box. I am still loading up apps and I am at about 2.8GB of space remaining now. This will not be a phone that you’ll be packing a lot of photos, music, and videos on unless you actually use the microSD card slot that is available.

I should have also mentioned that, in case you did not catch it when I pulled the back off, the battery is removable. Not sure you’ll be able to track down a spare battery that is easy to buy and get shipped to you. As I said, accessories for this device are slim pickings.

My apologies for those oversights. We’ll try to improve as we do more of these and hope that you’ll give us any additional (constructive) feedback that would be helpful. Until next time, take care and geek on!