“Generative AI News (GAIN): Amazon, OpenAI, Meta, and More – Voicebot Podcast 323”

May 21, 2023


The Generative AI News (GAIN) for May 18, 2023, features stories on OpenAI, Amazon, Meta, Microsoft, Anthropic, Zoom, Gather, and an AI virtual girlfriend that went viral. Voicebot.ai’s Eric Schwartz and Bret Kinsella provide insights on the biggest industry stories of the week, including Amazon’s claims of generative AI leadership, OpenAI’s Sam Altman’s call to regulate AI, and Satya Nadella’s statement that the AI copilot era is more human-friendly than the autopilot era. Other stories include Anthropic’s giant LLM context window, Zoom’s plan to include Anthropic in its feature set, and Gather’s $20M funding for opensource generative AI.