What To Get Superheroes For Christmas

Dec 24, 2014

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The hardest thing about the holidays is finding that perfect gift for someone you love. You diligently search every store isle, spend hours on Amazon and hymn and haw over every possibility. If you think its hard buying for your Mom or that distant uncle, try finding a gift for your favorite superhero. Could you image having to be Superman’s secret Santa or if Captain America made your nice list, the agony you would suffer trying to find the perfect present would be ten fold. Luckily for you I have thought of some great gifts for the superhero in your life. Check them out below.

Batman – Invulnerable Sidekicks
What do you get the billionaire superhero that literally has everything? How about a couple of invulnerable sidekicks? Batman seems to have trouble keeping his partners from becoming, crippled, resentful or dead, so why not get him the gift that keeps on giving. A sidekick they can’t be killed.

batman sidekicks

Aquaman – Respect!
There is no better way to the make king of the Ocean’s Christmas special than by giving what he truly deserves, respect. 71% of the Earth is covered in ocean of which Aquaman controls and commands yet all we here about is those damn land dwelling heroes.

Aquman respect

Captain America-The End of Bi-Partisan America
I know this one is a stretch but nothing would make Steve Rogers happier than seeing the country forget its red and blue state ideologies and come together as nation. It may be a hard bargain but then of all the good we could as a together nation under the leadership of the great Captain America. (This list just got political!)


Guardians of the Galaxy – A movie that would garner critical acclaim and an amazing amount of success
Done and done!!

gotg oh yea (452x640)

Fantastic Four – Stop their Comic from being cancelled
It was recently announced that Marvel would cancel the Fantastic Four comic. A dastardly ploy by Marvel to separate itself from the Fox owned movie properties (X-Men and Fantastic Four). I’m sure Marvel’s first family would have a very merry Christmas if they knew their comic wouldn’t’ disappear from store shelves. Also I am not sure I can live in a world without Dr. Doom!

Fantastic Four

Wolverine – Inevitable Resurrection
SPOILER ALERT!! Recently in comics our favorite X-Man, Wolverine meets his end at the hand of a giant vat of Adamantium. But we all know this uber popular superhero can’t be contained by death for long. So instead of having all of us fanboys just sitting around, counting down the days until his resurrection. Let’s just do it now and get it over already. In fact make him an Inhuman and you can really stick it to Fox again (See Fantastic Four-Stop their Comic from being cancelled.)

Death of Wolerine End (416x640)

Judge Dredd – A Movie Sequel
How do you make a man who never smiles crack the slightest of grins? Green light a much deserving sequel to the surprisingly awesome Dredd (2012). This action packed and faithful portrayal of the grimacing law man Judge Dredd is not to be missed and if anything about the rumored plot for a sequel is true then Dredd 2 could become one of the greatest comic book movies of all time. So let’s make this one happen and give Karl Urban another chance to never take off that beautiful helmet.


Let us know in the comments if you have any more gift ideas for your favorite superheroes!