Slimes Getting Real, a “Ghostbusters Get Real #2” (Review)

Jul 28, 2015

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GHOS CovGhostbusters Get Real #2

Written By: Erik Burnham
Art By: Dan Schoening

First off, if you can, buy the regular cover as well as the subscription cover. IDW’s comics this month have been going vintage and they are wonderful looking. As we know, it seems like every few months, the Ghostbusters have been crossing and getting visitors from other dimensions. This time, the Ghostbusters get a set of visitors reeking of nostalgia, at least for those like me who grew up on the Real Ghostbusters cartoon. If you didn’t read issue one, the premise is simple: the campy cartoon Ghostbusters from your childhood are teaming up with their IDW counterparts.

You would think that by now the “flavor of the week” that visits the Ghostbusters is getting boring. But it doesn’t and never will, if you successfully keep upping the guest busters. It is really fun to read about goofy cartoon Ray working with realistic, but still sarcastic Pete. The script is a little wordy at points, but those dialogues are kept for Egon’segon_variant_02 explanations which are meant to sound as such, regardless of his incarnation. The art works surprising as well, to see the colorful cartoons come to life. And when you think things don’t function or are just off, Venkman is there to sarcastically call things as he sees them.

The story in this cross over event consists of a primordial god after a set of Ghostbusters. During the chase to find the right set of Ghostbusters, we get to see different realities and versions of the Busters. Which isn’t an original concept considering properties such as: Transformers, The Simpsons, and TMNT have all utilized this story trope. The hard part of every Ghostbuster’s arc is over the explanation of the tech, science, and paranormal factors having to be, leaving the only thing left to witness being pure action and fun. With my previous knowledge of how the cartoon Slimer usually comes in to save the day (usually after causing a blunder), I can’t but help wonder if things turn out the same. In any case, this was a fun read to remember some episodes and stories from the cartoon.

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