Ghost Bustin’ The Ninja Turtles in IDW’s “TMNT/Ghostbusters #3” Review

Dec 24, 2014

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4283621-tmnt_gb_03-pr-1TMNT/Ghostbusters #3

Written By: Erik Burnham & Tom Waltz
Art By: Dan Schoening
Colors By; Luis Antonio Delgado

Another issue, another set of covers that are poster worthy; action pose turtles over the Ecto-1, Venkman and Leo tag teaming ghosts, or Mikey with a child’s grin wearing a proton pack. This issue puts all the brain storming to a test, and there are some powerful minds teaming up between Egon and Donnie with Ray thinking outside the box. The idea that the two teams, Ghostbusters and Ninja Turtles, are going to be putting to use some non-conventional tactics and equipment is great. Burnham and Waltz could have easily just used the old tricks and plot point of crossing the streams, but having the great minds team up to give us a new set of tech and battle techniques was a great story device.

4283630-tmnt_gb_03-pr-6Throughout this cross dimension crossover event, the art has had the signature highlighting effect to the ghosts and energies of the comic, making it pop off the panels and come to life. Another key element that has been present throughout the arc has been the emotions and feelings, as basic as they may be, that are clearly shown on the characters; a tool that Schoening uses to help accentuate how people or mutants are feeling. On top of all the lively artwork in the pages, the character models still have a feeling of being just right. The ninja turtles, though they are mutants, seem to belong in this world of demons and ghosts coming to life, it doesn’t feel like a forced cross over or a dry mixing of characters.

4283629-tmnt_gb_03-pr-5So far in the story, there has been a test of power, a test of the mind and what will come next is sure to be a test of will as the two teams need to come up with a final solution (there is one issue left so they need to wrap it up, sadly). This particular issue is again full of nostalgia and fan boy pleasing moments, from Mikey playing with Ecto-1, to the wink and nudge reference to the turtle blimp. The theme of this series so far has been using the characters to bond with their counterparts in the other team, which is another tool to make this story flow naturally and without force. It has been fun seeing the small quirks of each personality come out in the story, but I feel like it is time for a larger event with some kind of wow factor.