Gideon Falls #6 Review

Aug 14, 2018

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Gideon Falls #6
Image Comics 

Written By: Jeff Lemire
Art By: Andrea Sorrentino
Colors By: Dave Stewart
Lettered By: Steve Wands

Gideon Falls #6 is by far the weirdest and most wild ride in the series right now. Seeing Norton getting closer and closer to the secrets of the black barn with the help of Angie has been quite a thrill. By the end of the story, it seems that certain pieces of the puzzle have been dropped on us that I think many will come to the same conclusion about Norton. You see how scared both are as they work together on this mystery but there’s also a sense of calm from Norton and I think that’s because he is finally coming closer to achieve some piece in mind on this whole thing. The biggest moment in the issue here though comes from Father Fred as he enters the black barn to help Sherriff Miller.

What happens next is some of the most mind tripping pages in the run yet. We also know that Fred has had many doubts about his faith and has secrets of his past that haven’t been shared. This issue brings a lot to light about his past and an important choice he makes with the current state of affairs. By the end of the issue we learn that even more may know about this black barn, Father Fred seems to be moving forward as he continues to try and help people, and Norton with Angie are fixing to make a huge step forward in the mystery of the black barn.

This is my favorite issue in the run with the tremendous work from the art team and the paneling. They really went far into their imagination here because what they show will cause you to just pause at the page and just stare at everything trying to grasp all that is going on. Father Fred essentially begins to lose his mind in this issue and the way the art team brought this out to convey it is outstanding. Like him, you just feel lost in his surroundings. It’s a real shame that we will have to wait another 2 months before we get to continue this story but Jeff Lemire has done a great job laying down the foundation of this story. It continues to get interesting, you get more attached to some of the side characters outside of Fred and Norton, and most importantly. It just leaves you wanting more. Nothing is really resolved here in regards of the barn and no one really gets any closure, but that is because this is all just the beginning.