Give Peacemaker A Dance

Apr 10, 2023


What do you do for the “hero” who cherishes peace so much that he is willing to kill to make it possible.  You show your support by showing that you really want it.  And by it of course that means some of Peacemaker’s…moves.  Admit it, Peacemaker’s the one time you don’t click SKIP INTRO.  

As a leading creator of tabletop games, cards and collectibles since 2010, Cryptozoic Entertainment knows what fans want.  Which is why the company is collaborating with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products and DC to bring the memorable choreography to remind fans of Peacemaker’s killer moves until season 2.  

So even though you already want it, let’s take a look at what you can get. 

Fans who want a piece of the man who wants peace at any cost can choose from 3 versions of the hero from the hit HBOMax series.  Each Dancing Bobble Figure features the “not villian” striking a killer pose on the Peacemaker emblem.   

First up is the Core Edition.  Anyone who has been waiting for a taste can finally get it, with this version from the campaign featuring Peacemaker straight from the show’s opening sequence.  The only thing missing is Wig Wam wailing in the background.  

Next is the Bloody Edition.  This one is for any fan who feels the Core Edition doesn’t do justice for the level of dedication Peacemaker displays.  There will be no misconceptions about how far you were willing to go to show off your support for the breakout star from the The Suicide Squad.  

Wondering where Booster was in the Blue Beetle trailer?  Maybe that’s him on the Bloody Edition.  Because the Gold Edition has Peacemaker’s UNIFORM getting a glow up.  

From the base to his beacon of freedom, this figure stands tall for liberty at 6.25-inch tall.  Anyone wanting more of a show may be a bit disappointed, these collectibles don’t grow.  Sea monkeys are Aquaman’s thing. 

Speaking of things, according to the Director of Product Development and Marketing at Cryptozoic Entertainment, Shahriar Fouladi, among the things that helped the company choose Peacemaker as the company’s first collectibles Kickstarer was how fans worldwide reacted to the show’s unforgettable opening credits.  For Cryptozoic, the Dancing Bobble Figure campaign was a project the company really believed in and felt was fun.  

The Dancing Bobble Figure Kickstarter window began on March 28th and ends in April.  While the Core Edition will be available at retailers for anyone who wants to kill themselves searching shelves before this collectible sells out.  The campaign is, however, a chance to get this version at a reduced price.  Meanwhile, don’t expect to see any blood or gold on your path for Peacemaker’s in stores.  These two are only available from Cryptozoic, with the Gold Edition being exclusive to backers of the campaign.  

Don’t go all to pieces deciding which version you want between the core, gore or Zsa Zsa Gabor. That’s because this Kickstarter allows dedicated collectors to get all the pieces of Peacemaker.  Well, maybe not all, but at least all 3 Dancing Bobble Figure versions.  

Don’t let the nuclear clock tick down to doomsday.  Head over to the Kickstarter page HERE.