“Glorious Horrors” — “Penny Dreadful” Review (SPOILERS!)

Jun 11, 2015


This week’s “Penny Dreadful” was the tightest — concise and to the point — script to date. Almost everything and everyone presented in the story line came to a head by converging together, finally. Yes, there are a few untouched parts of the show that still linger such as… When will John Claire see Dr. Victor Frankenstein with his “intended” Lily? And the same goes for Ethan Chandler AKA The Wolf Man. When will he see the good doctor with his “dead” lover? Also, yet again the question was raised: What exactly are the witches planning for Vanessa Ives? Although there did seem to be some dissent between them, especially Evelyn and Hecate Poole.

Every week it feels as if the mystery isn’t really a mystery, and instead it’s right in front of us. John Logan, creator/writer, hasn’t disappointed 14 episodes into this series’ lifespan. A big plot twist is bound to drop in say episode eight or nine before the season finale.

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Before closing out with the highlights of “Glorious Horrors,” two side story beats that can’t help but feel as if they are more season-three-seeding are Inspector Bartholomew Rusk’s continued investigation into Mr. Chandler, including Roper’s threats. And the other introduced was upon the discovery by Lavinia Putney that creature’s hands are cold to touch, making them feel lifeless. Her father Oscar was eavesdropping when this happened and took particular interest in it when Lavinia mentioned it again at dinner with her parents. It begs one to wonder. What is he up to?

The end portion of the episode was quite a treat. At Dorian Grey’s ball for Angelique’s “proper coming out,” we saw Dorian meet Frankenstein, recognize — to a certain extent — Lily in the process and Miss. Ives and Evelyn Poole came face-to-face for the first time since the stellar flashback episode to Ives’ time with the Cut-Wife. An aside from all this is Sir Malcolm Murray being under Poole’s charm to the point of shaving off the beard he has had since the series’ pilot episode. And in “Penny Dreadful” like fashion it left us with a cliffhanger to remember: Mr. Chandler wolfing out in chains in front of Sembene.

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