Go Beyond Dimensions with Powered Geek Box’s “Magic” Themed Package

Dec 11, 2016

Magic is in the air as Powered Geek Box’s November package has finally arrived. I’ve come to realize that I never know what to expect from Powered Geek Box and this is by no means a bad thing. Each box, even with a theme has been pretty mysterious in terms of the items you are going to receive. This month when opening the over sized box I couldn’t help but feel the presence of magic. With Doctor Strange and J.K Rowling once again making us believe in the mystical you won’t be able to help but be enchanted by the magic of November’s Powered Geek Box.

Funko POPs have become an integral ingredient in any geek centered subscription box and while most boxes include one that can be hit or miss depending on your choice of fandom. Luckily for Powered Geek Box Marvel’s Doctor Strange was a huge hit, so I don’t think anyone is going to have a problem with this impression Doctor Strange Funko POP Bobble Head. This dignified yet powerful portrayal of Strange is a must have for any POP collector or fan of the film. This detailed and colorful figure has everything your looking for in a Doctor Strange collectible including the cloak of levitation and his signature artifact the Eye of Agamotto.

Just in case you can’t part ways with your Doctor Strange Funko POP and want to take the sorcerer on the road with you Powered Geek Box has you covered as they have also included a miniature keychain version. This pocket sized spell caster minus the bobble head is an extract copy of his bigger brother and exhibits the same beautiful details and accessories.

If you haven’t gotten you Doctor Strange fill yet, Powered Geek Box has one more bewitching item that will take every fan to the next dimension. This Doctor Strange Domez blind bag, is a mysterious you can’t wait to solve as you tear open the package to reveal the Doctor Strange mini fig. Collectors have the chance to be blessed with a variety of Doctor Strange characters including Baron Mordo, Dormammu, and Nightmare, but we instead receive another Doctor Strange figure, but this time sporting his more modern costume. A sleek black and red number that is missing his signature cape. The Domze fig is nice but I would have been happier to receive maybe any other character besides Strange, only because I have so many already.

Maybe one of the least “magical” items in this month’s Powered Geek Box, but possibly my favorite is the House of Stark, Game of Thrones t-shirt. This all black, thick tee is impressive in its ability to please every Game of Thrones fan. The Stark logo sits fiercely prominent and proud on a jet black background, declaring your loyalty for House Stark loudly and without reservation. Winter is coming, but in this Game of Thrones apparel you will be prepared.

Lastly are our smaller otherworldly artifacts featuring myths of magic like ABC’s Once Upon A Time, Harry Potter, and Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. The only low point of this Powered Geek Box is the Once Upon A Time puzzle, mainly because I personally don’t watch nor have any interest in the show or puzzles. However the keychain and key holder are always useful in this household and the touch of the marvelous doesn’t hurt. Both items have already been claimed and are already donning our keys.

November’s Powered Geek Box┬áis truly magical, every item fits the theme perfectly and will put a spell on even the most skeptical of fans. If Doctor Strange wasn’t the voodoo for you, then you may miss the magic of this box, but thanks to Powered Geek Box’s eye for the nerdy every corner of the mystical world is covered and it would be hard to find at least one thing here that didn’t make you believe.


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