God of War: Fallen God # 1 (REVIEW)

Mar 9, 2021


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Is this story a prologue or epilogue. For an individual whose life is long and legendary, that is a difficult question to answer. That’s the problem and promise that God of War: Fallen God from Dark Horse finds itself asking. This initial issue indicates an understanding of how to tell a tale of the Fallen God. Man? Kratos.

God of War: Fallen God # 1

Dark Horse Comics

Script: Chris Roberson
Art: Tony Parker
Colors: Dan Jackson
Lettering: Jimmy Betancourt
Cover Art: Dave Rapoza

From his iconic symbol to his actions, the duality of Kratos personality is hard to miss. Issue # 1 finds us presented with the Kratos at the culmination of Sony’s God of War III (2010). For those who have yet to witness the story’s culmination, Kratos slays Zeus(?) and seeks out his own end as well. This comic proves that his efforts both succeeded and failed. Beginning to end, end to beginning. So we find Kratos, weary and worn and wishing to be done with this past in the only way he sees possible. The ultimate indication of his past, of course, remains tethered to his wrists – the fabled Blades of Chaos.

Tony Parker and Dan Jackson provide a beautiful journey that depicts the God of War as he journeys to be free of his burden. Seeing the image as Kratos rages against an almost god sent storm and the images of his first attempt to discard the Blades, I was amazed how they managed to bring the essence of Kratos to life. I wondered how I would feel about this character away from video games. Viewed as a cut-scene, these artists have created something less like a comic and more like something on Santa Monica’s cutting room floor.

Speaking of the game

Like I mentioned this story flows perfectly from the events of God of War 3. Kratos’ journey after Greece geographically and historically would seem to logically lead to the sands of Egypt. Also worth noting is how word has spread of the Ghost of Sparta. This shows how even the old world wasn’t that small. This also plays on the fact that maybe Kratos was sought out by Laufey for his “abilities.”

Between God of War III (2010) and God of War (2018) several things have shifted in terms of Kratos demeanor. The “Hello, Old Friend” trophy shows he isn’t free of his physical burden and yet he is at peace. Dark Horse’s God of War: Fallen God # 1 is quite possibly the beginnings towards that end.

Score: 8.8